Monday, June 7, 2010

Some Junk

I really, REALLY don't have anything blog worthy to say today. Nada. Zilch.

In lieu of my usual inspiring, witty and transformative writing (ha!), I'm pulling out the bullet point list to share all the dumb things inside my little head.

A list I'd like to entitle "Some Junk I'd Like to Tell You."

Intriguing, no?

  • It bothers me when people pronounce chipotle "chip-ol-tay" as opposed to the way I say it (the, ahem, correct way) "chip-oh-te-lay." I'm certainly not a Spanish linguist, but I'm pretty sure I'm right. Or closer to right than those who say it wrong. Likewise, I also dislike when people say Laundry Mat instead of Laundr-O-mat. You know, like the way it's spelled.

  • I made hotel reservations for our marathon in January. We have not signed up for the marathon yet (that'll take a little more courage than I currently posses) but we have a place to stay. The race sign ups + plane flight details will come sooner or later. Since hotels sell out faster than planes, I'm simply booking the travel amenities in the order of their importance. We're staying on Disney property and I'm excited to partake in the whole Disney experience, even if that means running 26.2 miles while I'm there.

  • I've eaten nearly an entire jar of this peanut butter in two weeks.

  • That can't be good.

  • I almost NEVER eat delivery pizza; we just aren't a pizza ordering kind of family. With that being said, I've eaten Domino's pizza twice in three days. Both times we were at the pool for various pool parties. The garlicky stuff Domino's added to their crust was a very good idea.

  • Caroline has three weeks of school left. As happy as I am for HER that school is ending, I can't say that I echo the same sentiment. I like the idea of sleeping in a bit longer (ha!) and not having to pack her lunch every night, but, well, becoming the summer activities director for Caroline and her gaggle of friends isn't a position I take happily. Sometimes I wish I was really mean and grouchy so the kids would fear me and not ask me for things. It's hard for them to resist hounding me when they know that I'll probably say yes.

  • I'm currently experiencing an overwhelming desire to vacation on a tropical beach. Probably because such a vacation is totally out of the question this summer. We always want what we can't have, right? Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to fly to Florida to see my family, but honestly, Inverness, Florida is hardly a sought after vacation spot. No offense, mom and dad!

  • I need a haircut.

  • If I got a dollar for every time a contestant on The Bachelor/Bachelorette said the word "amazing" I'd be able to pay for an exotic tropical beach vacation. Seriously, they need to ban that word indefinitely. The same goes for soul mate and connection.

  • I cannot spell the word "posses" or "marriage" without the help of spell check.

  • I ate a cupcake at the birthday party we attended today; it didn't make me want to do cartwheels. I think every cupcake you eat should be so good that it will make you want to do cartwheels.

  • I can't do a cartwheel.

  • I'm toying with the idea of becoming a real vegetarian. I don't eat much meat (same with Caroline); I eat none when Craig isn't home. I'm not ethically opposed; I just prefer to not deal with it when I'm the only one eating. I like the taste of meat just fine, but all that hand washing and worry about cross contamination sends my obsessiveness into over drive. However, the idea of never being able to eat bacon or a Cuban sandwich or Thanksgiving turkey again makes me kind of sad. I think I'll stick with the "flexitarian" label. And, as Michael Pollan says "Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants." I don't want to deprive myself of things I truly enjoy. Besides, I've yet to replicate the Thanksgiving 2002 turkey I made, which I like to refer to as The Best Turkey EVER. I've come close, but I've yet to regain all of my 2002 turkey mojo. I can't give up meat entirely until I achieve repeat turkey perfection.

  • aaaand....that's enough. I have no more thoughts inside my head, which is perfect because The Bachelorette is on. Absolutely no brain cells are required for the viewing of this show. Just the way I like it!

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