Sunday, June 13, 2010

Be Careful What You Google

or you just might end up here at The Neurotic Housewife.

Have you seen that commercial for In the ad, a woman asks her friend a question and instead of giving a straight answer, the friend starts babbling all sorts of information that doesn't exactly pertain to the question she was asked. You know, like with Internet search engines, where you ask a simple question and instead of a simple answer you're given 865,423 search entries that have very little to do with what you wanted to know in the first place.

I'm sure you can relate.

I have this site meter enabled on my blog to help me keep track of how many blog hits I get each day. Among many features this site meter offers is a way to see when people reach my blog via a Google search.

One slow afternoon, I grabbed a pencil and wrote down the most recent search results because some of them are kind of amusing. And because I'm a good sharer I thought I'd share them with you. As far as I can tell, none of the people who found my blog via a Google search have returned, so obviously what I have to offer here at The Neurotic Housewife wasn't the answer to their burning queries.

Somehow that doesn't surprise me.

In case you ever wondered, if you Google these phrases, you'll eventually find yourself on my blog.

  • pancake party
  • bunion surgery
  • how many pairs of running shorts
  • why it's good to be a housewife
  • eye necklace that Caroline from Housewife wears
  • turkey chubby housewife

I've made pancakes before, but never for a party. I spoke with a woman in the Wal Mart lotion aisle about her botched bunion surgery, so that one I get. Running shorts? Yes. I've had some struggles finding decent running shorts.

I like being a housewife, so I'm sure I've sung it's merits before.

I don't watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey; well, I watched it once, when the one lady flipped over the table in the Italian restaurant and I do know who Caroline is. She was on the Great American Panel on Hannity once and she was really engaging and intelligent. The Real Housewives franchise of shows makes me really uncomfortable. It's a complete train wreck and while I enjoy some train wreck shows (hello Bachelorette), I find myself really embarrassed for most of the ladies on the shows. They're never portrayed in a nice light. Maybe they are actually being portrayed accurately? I don't know? Are people really THAT shallow, materialistic and MEAN?

I must admit that I'm somewhat baffled (and slightly offended!) by the turkey chubby housewife search result.

Methinks Google is a wee bit mean sometimes.


nancy said...

So, I was just about to Google myself, but I'm too tired. We went to St. Pete Beach and then to a FAB-U-Lous buffet where we (meaning me) dined on french toast drippy with maple syrup, which is probably the best food item EVER in the condiment category, AND a de-lish mini cheese blintz. And some other, more healthy stuff, which isn't all that noteworthy.
What is noteworthy is our mealtime topics of conversation, namely, The Time Dad Said, "Stay On the Rafters," and The Time Bod Wanted to Run Away From Home.

Alison said...

Ahem, those stories are very old; you need new ones. ;) Besides, wouldn't you have wanted to run away, too? As for the rafters.... well, I don't necessarily recall him telling me to stay on them, but I'm sure he did. It would have been nice if my common sense skills had kicked in BEFORE my foot fell through the attic. Lesson learned. So very clearly learned.

Glad you had a fun time at the beach and got to eat maple syrup. I

nancy said...

Oh--and The Sheet Metal On the Head story.
That one's a classic.

Sissy said...

If you good "ottoman 101" then you will find me the 6th entry down from a post I did on covering my ottoman.

Alison said...

Sissy---making it on a Google search is like being famous or something. We're awesome. I remember your ottoman tutorial, it was fab.

Mom--I'm glad my hapless misadventures could serve as great conversation fodder for you and dad. ;)