Monday, June 28, 2010


Foiled by weather.

As soon as those lifeguards hear even the faintest clap of thunder, they blow their whistles and evacuate the pool. It's for safety, which I wholly understand. But it sure does create a kink in my "let the kids play at the pool all day plans."

The sky grew dark, the thunder rolled, but we didn't get much rain.

Sorry excuse for a storm, if you ask me. Wimpy.

We spent a whole 35 minutes at the pool; the girls were playing, I was settled in and talking to another mom; I was even holding one of her 11 month old twins. We had a bounty of snacks and a I had a book waiting for me. And then the thunder was heard.

Unfortunately, one of the girls we brought is TERRIFIED of thunderstorms. Also, most unfortunately, her mom is out with her older sister, shopping. Thankfully the "storm" was short lived and I didn't have to tend to any hysterical fits. After having a tough kid like Caroline, I'm not sure how I'd deal with a hysterical, afraid-of-a-storm fit.

I have a sneaking suspicion that my sympathy level would be lacking.

So, we came home. And ate brownies. Not a bad trade off, right?

There are three four five other kids over now and I'm hiding upstairs. That seems to be a running theme around here, doesn't it? I'm sort of afraid to leave the shelter of my bedroom, to be honest. Not that it matters, because one of our guests found me and just asked if she could stay here while her brother has karate.

I said yes.
What exactly is wrong with me?

Caroline had another sleepover last night. This time it was with a girl that has never slept over before. Aside from the fact that she picked her nose, wiped it on my throw pillows and then had a bloody nose, everything went well. Oh, and as she was laying down to sleep, she said "sometimes my stomach hurts at night because I'm hungry." Subtle.

So, at 10 pm, I served up yogurt, which she proceeded to only eat half of.

And this morning, when they asked for breakfast, I said "we have Cinnamon Toast Crunch, do you like that? " Caroline replied with a cheerful "yes" but the other one replied with a "yes, but what else do you have?"
They ended up eating mini bagels with cream cheese, a fiber one chocolate pop tart and strawberries. Could be worse, right? At least I included fruit.

After she went home and Caroline and I ventured out to the gym, I turned to my kid and said "no sleepovers tonight." Caroline actually needs to have a decent night of sleep, which is the main reason for my ruling. It's too bad, though. Just a while ago another girl in the neighborhood called to invite Caroline to have a sleep over. I told her Caroline couldn't tonight, but hopefully soon.

If only I had the social life my 8 year old has.

In other unrelated news, Craig called this morning. Since his boots touched the ground of his exotic deployment location back in February, he has called one other time. Most people are horrified by this fact, but honestly, it's fine. No, really, it's FINE. We really see nothing wrong with going four months without speaking on the phone. Besides, we have email and Facebook and the blog. We're sufficiently updated.

Quite out of the blue, Craig called this morning to say thanks for a care package we sent. Only, he had to call three times before we actually picked up the phone! Ooopsie. We didn't recognize the name on caller id. He even left a message, but I was busy uploading photos to Snapfish (of all days) to notice the message...OR the email he sent informing me of his call. I missed the second call, didn't even hear the phone ring, but by the third call, a light bulb went on and I said "Oh, Caroline pick up, it might be daddy."

So, I'm a little slow.

And why I HAD to upload photos to Snapfish at 7 am on a Monday morning is beyond me. You know, somedays you just wake up with an agenda. Today, the top priority on my agenda was to upload photos. Go figure.

Anyway, Craig is fine. As fine as you can be when you're where he is currently deployed. He was more excited about a box of trail mix, gum and granola bars than I had anticipated, but it's nice that he's so easily amused.

It's good though. You have to be laid back, easy going and easily amused to put up with me.


Sissy said...

I'm glad Craig is okay. And that you actually sent him a care package. You're a good wife.

Alison said...

Well, in the interest of full disclosure, I'm pretty lame with the frequency of care packages. The Post Office makes it kind of easy with those Flat Rate boxes. You can stuff as much as you want in the box and pay one set fee. If you're patient, you can figure out how to make a bunch of stuff. And if you're like me, you won't be able to send the honey pb you bought.
Oh well. :)