Friday, June 11, 2010

Um, Let's Call This A Hodge Podge

Is hodge podge one word? Or two?

Eh, I don't know. I don't think I really care, either. I've mutilated the English language much more egregiously in the past, so I'm not really worried about a dumb word like hodge podge.

Just so you know, after I typed this and did the spell check, it has been determined that hodgepodge is one word. Now your life can go on.

Please pardon my ambivalence. And my downright unchipper attitude.

Actually, I'm MUCH more pleasant than I was yesterday. I'm not sure why I was so grumpy, but I do know that I spent a majority of the day lamenting the overall suckiness of my life. It was one of those days where I felt bad for Caroline because she was the recipient of the impatient, short tempered and overall unamused facets of my foul mood. That was, until, I realized that she was the culprit for much of my unpleasantness. It was just one of those days where no matter what the circumstance, I wanted to say no. And I did say no. Copiously. With relish. With nary a regret.

Caroline has a habit of squawking my name. It's not just "Moooooom" yelled at the top of her lungs; it's this horrid squawk that drives me batty. She sounds like a parrot. I hate birds. The parrot that does math at Busch Gardens is pretty cool, but otherwise, birds, especially those who talk, annoy me. On most days Caroline's squawk drives me batty; yesterday it drove me to contemplate selling her on Craig's List. Or at the very least, securing a rather large box, stuffing her in there with some snacks and shipping her to Craig. To my Craig, that is, NOT the Craig's List dude.

Oh, I'm kidding.

Sort of.

You'll be happy to know that I'm much more chipper today. I'll let you know if things change once school dismisses and Queen Caroline starts issuing her queenly demands.

Moving along.....this is a hodgepodge after all.
Since I really don't have much to say, let's see what pictures ended up on my camera. There's nothing like picture roulette to help spark a blog post. Besides, what could possibly be more fun than seeing some random pictures I took?

It's Island Day at Caroline's school! Here is Caroline, in her lei, looking more unamused than I've ever seen her look. This is her "ugh, could you please hurry up" face.

This is her "My mom is such a weirdo, I can't believe she's making me do this" face.

I should tell her about the time my mom made me wear a big lace bow in my hair, a la 80's Madonna, for my 3rd grade picture. If I hadn't destroyed all the evidence, I should show Caroline to make her realize how awesome I am for only making her do the shaka sign.

We have this odd looking bush/plant thing in front of our house. It has an awkward shape and I think it's pretty goofy looking, but we rent and it came with the house. Yesterday morning, it was just plain green and leafy; by 3 pm it was blooming.

The plant may be ugly

but the flowers are pretty.

These little flowers are in my neighbor's flower box. Aren't they pretty? They look like the sugar flowers on a nice bakery cake.

I think it's safe to assume that Caroline and I get our 5 servings of fruits and vegetables each day. I bought so much produce at the commissary yesterday. Like I've said before, I hate summer but I LOVE summer produce. What bothers me the most is that I actually thought it necessary to place a sampling of all my produce on a cutting board, spending way too much time trying to artfully arrange it all, so I could take a picture.

Oh, one more thing. I tried that upside down bowl within a bowl corn cutting trick I blogged about on Wednesday. It worked really well! I also made more of that skillet corn and Caroline LOVED it. I didn't let her have some from the first batch because 1) I ate it all 2) I didn't feel like sharing and 3) I was very heavy handed with the cayenne and I didn't want to set her tongue on fire.

See, I'm not a monster. Sure, I may have contemplated selling my child yesterday, but at least I had the heart to make sure she didn't singe her tongue and taste buds with my excessive use of cayenne pepper.

I hope you enjoyed tolerated this hodgepodge of incessant whining and odd pictures.
If you didn't, it's okay. I understand.

I'm finding it hard to be brilliant EVERY day. ;)


Sissy said...

Love Caroline's expression.

nancy said...

We had a cyber catastrophe today! Our computer got a bad virus and the Dell guy all the way in India had to completely wipe out EVERYTHING and start over. Boo hoo. I lost much stuffo, but what can ya do?
It cost $200, but that's good for unlimited customer service calls for a year. Otherwise it would be $129 for today's call....which was more than an hour long.
He was nice and his accent not too hard to understand. At least he didn't squawk like a bird.

Alison said...

Caroline is the least cooperative camera subject EVER. She has no time for pictures. That's why I always take pictures of her from behind. I have to be sneaky.

Sorry about your cyber catastrophe, mom. I'm glad your Dell experience was positive. When our computer was struck by lightning when we lived in Maryland, I nearly lost my usual all-togetherness on the phone. I had to hand it over to Craig. I hate that they charge you for customer service calls, but they have to make their $$ I 'spose.

On the bright side, $200 is cheaper than a new computer. And your's isn't very old, right?

PS--tell you computer to stop kissing all the pretty Macs. You get lots of viruses from all that kissin'.

Bexy said...

Oh my ha ha... I can very much relate to your foul mood and the squawking. I swear every time I sit down to do something I hear it. She will be playing quietly and not talk for the longest time and then the moment I sit, it starts... I love her but it drives me NUTS!!! I do the exact same thing when it comes to feeling bad she has to put up with my mood and then realize she is the one who helped to get me there. I am glad I am not the only one who feels this way :)