Thursday, March 31, 2011

Regretfully Aging

I had a few coupons to use up before they expired today.    If I had to give today's purchases a theme, I'd call it 'regretfully aging.'  Subtitled:  It's a cruel, cruel world.

Anti-aging concealer.

Anti-aging foundation.

Age defying body wash.  Notice my 'so-I-don't-squint-at-the-computer' glasses in the background.

and because I'm SUPER lucky:  age defying plus anti acne face wash.

Because there is nothing more esteem squashing than having to purchase both  anti-wrinkle AND anti-acne facial products.  I mean, really?  How cruel is this world?  I took Acutane twice, and according to those ambulance chaser lawyer commercials will probably end up with ulcerative colitis or IBS because of it, and at age 34 my face still breaks out.

It's a cruel, cruel world.

In other, less depressing news, my kitchen drawers are now nicely organized.

I love those little spatulas in the right upper hand corner of the picture.  They're perfect for scraping the peanut butter jar clean.  :)

I even reorganized my spices

and the junk drawer, too.

And yet, I'm still burdened by the fact that my forehead permanently looks scrunched up.

This life?  It's cruel.


Jen Fiamengo said...

You call that a junk drawer? I won't show you what mine looks like! Yikes! I also feel like I will be buying anti acne cleanser for the rest of my life which is very cruel. On top of that I need some acne scar something to help with that too! And Marc is complaining about wrinkles under his eyes at the ripe age of 31 . . . growing up can be such a pain sometimes. I think that you are very cute and young and do not need any anti aging products of any kind by the way! I still want to be you!

Alison said...

I need acne scar miracle cream, too. I have this scar in just the right spot so that it looks like a deep wrinkle when I smile, but it's a scar. I'm so vain.

My junk drawer might be tame, but we also have junk closet of art supply terror and doom...and desk junk basket with odds and ends and scribbled upon bits of paper. It's tragic.