Friday, April 1, 2011

Foolish Friday

I'm not much of a prankster.  Are you surprised?  I mean, I like a good joke and I certainly like to laugh, but I do not have a poker face and therefore am incapable of pulling off an April Fool's joke.  I suppose it would be much easier to do one via the blog, since I have a computer screen to hide behind, but I didn't take the time to come up with anything.

Craig, on the other hand, while not a prankster, definitely has a poker face.  Sometimes I have to ask him ten or twelve times if he's really serious about what he said because sometimes I just never know.  To be honest, that can be a little frustrating at times, but I've sort of learned to deal with it over the years.

Did anyone pull a fast one on you today?  Fake pregnancy announcements?  Faux promotions at work?  One of my favorite healthy living blogs, Healthy Tipping Point, was changed to Wealthy Tipping Point when the blog writer claimed to have won the lottery.   :)

I actually thought of something April Fools-ish after the fact when I talked to Craig a little while ago.  Why is it that we always come back with our wittiest material AFTER the moment has passed?  Anyway, we hadn't spoken in a few days and we both commented on that fact during the first minutes of our conversation.   "I thought of you, though,"  I told him.  "You did?"  he said.  "Good or bad?"  he asked.  "For real, I thought of you in a nice way,"  I reassured him. 

And that's when I should have said "April Fools!"

Oh well.

What good is April Fool's Day if you can't crush your husband's morale?

Anyway, today is not only April Fool's day, but it's super double coupon day, as well.   Sadly, this month's trip wasn't nearly as profitable nor as exciting as the previous months, but I did get four things of Danimals yogurt for Caroline for FREE.  Free is good. 

I also got six packs of Dentyne gum for .19 each. 

Eh, it's been sort of a blah day.  I hate that this blahness has occurred on super double coupon day, but what can you do?

It's cold and dreary today.  I wish it rain would pour from the sky, but I don't think that's going to happen.  Caroline has soccer practice tonight and it's going to be a chilly one.  Thanks to sickness and inclement weather, she has yet to practice and their first game is tomorrow!  I asked her if she remembered how to play and she said yes, so I think it'll be okay!

Tomorrow is going to be busy.  We have to go down to Washington DC to the National Building Museum to pick up our Cherry Blossom 5k race packets, which is on Sunday.  Back in December I entered mine and Caroline's names in the 5k lottery and we were selected!  There is an accompanying 10 mile race, but Caroline might not be ready for that one quite yet, so we'll stick with the 3.1 mile distance. ;)   Once we're done getting our race packets and get back to the Metro station, it'll be time to eat lunch and then get to the soccer game.

So, that's the scoop.  As unjuicy as it may be.

Time to put tonight's dinner in the oven:  pot roast!



April K. Fool said...

What good is April Fool's Day if you can't crush your husband's morale?

Oh, you jester!

See you next week....
I've been so busy that I haven't even had time to think about my trip. I'm getting with Tara on Sunday to dish the details.
Send the Metro info we need!
P.S. Did you get the stuff I sent you? Laura said Ron liked your essay about your bratty little sister a little bit too much.

Alison said...

Yes, I did. In fact, I showed Laura's note to my neighbor, Cindy, who has two daughters who bicker like Laura and I did.

I honestly think that the essay I wrote was supposed to be a little exagerative (is that a word?). I don't think I'm naturally that cruel. But who knows?

Is there anything you (or Tara) need to have food wise that I should get before you arrive? Do you do decaf only because dad does? Does it matter?

Man, I just hoovered 57 handfuls of cereal and now I hate myself.


Hilary said...

Good Luck on your race tomorrow. I love that you and Caroline are running together! And I was fooled by Caitlin today too! I thought I had the wrong blog for the moment :)

Jen Fiamengo said...

1. Aunt Nancy, don't you get sick of changing your name for every comment? Although I do find it very entertaining, I think I would get sick of changing my name every time.
2. I fell for an April Fools false pregnancy announcement this morning. She even had her little 2 year old son holding a pregnancy test with a caption that said "I'm going to be a big brother!" Why wouldn't I believe that?
3. I too am horrible at April Fools jokes and to be honest, I don't like making people look like fools, it makes me feel bad! Hope you and Caroline run like the wind!

Have a great weekend!