Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Things I'm Loving Lately

Man, it's 3:30 and this is the first time I've been able to sit down all day.   Too busy gymming, sipping coffee and yapping with gym friends and grocery shopping.  Caroline has Girls on the Run this afternoon, so I have a few extra minutes to sit and blog before I have to pick her up at 4:30.

As I was eating a slice of this oatmeal brown bread yesterday, I thought to myself, 'man I'm really loving this bread right now.'  Thus was born this blog post about things I'm loving lately.  Did I use thus properly?  I never know.

Also, I cannot use 'to wit' correctly.  My mom can, though.  But, she's a real writer and actually gets paid to write.  It's her job to know those things.

And me?  I'm a hack.

Anyway, I'm really loving this oatmeal bread lately.  It's fairly healthy (I use less sugar than the recipe states) and it doesn't call for any fat.

We prefer to add our own fat while we're eating it.  Caroline likes it toasted with butter; I like it slathered with peanut butter.

Or Nutella.

Or both.

I'm also loving fresh green beans right now.  Caroline, too.  We like them sauteed and seasoned with salt and garlic.  They're also quite good in the raw state.  Crunchy.

I love coffee, but in the mornings, I drink tea.  These are the flavors I've been loving lately.

Obviously, what I've been loving most lately are edible things, because, well, I like to eat.  However, I'm also loving these Cascade lemon scented gel packs.  Seriously, I stand at the dishwasher every night and sniff the gel packs.  They smell so freaking good.  I'm sure I'm ruining my lungs, but I can't help it.  There is something about the smell of lemon dishwasher detergent that gets me.

Cute little packets of lemony scented goodness.

I need help.

Moving along.... I've always been a fan of Greek yogurt, but lately I've been eating a lot more of it.  I suppose it's a good idea because when Craig is gone I always go vegetarian, so I need the extra protein.

Chobani is the best, but the Dannon and Yoplait have been on sale lately and I have coupons so that's what I've been eating and loving lately.

And we can't forget Chachie's key lime and garlic salsa.  My love.  Yes, I have three containers of it in my fridge and no, I don't think that's strange.  It was on sale; I had to stock up.

My couch!  I'm still loving my couch, even though I haven't really sat on it yet.  It's too pretty.  I'd rather just stare at it.

Send help please.

And lastly, I'm REALLY loving saving a boat load of money at the grocery store.

I'm not sure there is anything more satisfying than watching your grocery bill go down by $85 because of special deals, sales and coupons.

I need help.

Wait, didn't I already mention that?

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