Saturday, March 5, 2011


My couch came.  And I like it!

What a relief!

You can't tell in the pictures, but the upholstery, is not only textured (which you can see) but it also has flecks of red and green to contrast with the golden/wheat color.  Since we have green walls and I have several red accessories, this is an added bonus.

All along, I intended to have the new couch fill the cavernous hole in the middle of the living room by facing the sofa table I have along the wall.

Like this.

The furniture guys gave me a puzzled look when I told them this, which, of course had me second guessing my decision.

After they left, I rearranged everything, momentarily borrowed an end table from another part of the house, and came up with this configuration:

But, I think it looks a little drab.  I'd definitely need to purchase something larger to go on the wall, plus a new end table and a coffee table.   Plus, I have nowhere to put the table I had against the wall, if I keep this setup.

After some deep thinking and a consultation with Caroline, who wasn't the slightest bit helpful, by the way, I went back to my original plan.  Unless I can be persuaded by the artful eye of someone with more interior decorating prowess than me, I shall keep things the way they are.

Probably?  Maybe?

Yep.  Probably maybe.

Because of the chaise section of the couch, there isn't a whole lot of space between the couch and the other furniture, but I kind of like the intimacy of the setting. 

I think I may get one small square leather (or leather like) ottoman and a little serving tray in the event that if we do have company and that company would like a place to set down a drink, we'll have a place for that to happen.    But otherwise, I doubt this couch will be used for much other than reading/napping in the afternoon.

Because there isn't a TV in that room.  Priorities and all.

After all of the furniture excitement this morning, a lightbulb went off in Caroline's head and she said, 'but where are we going to do handstands now?'

Heh, my plan to get those kids outta my house is working.   

So long handstand/cartwheel practice and indoor jump rope contests; you won't  be missed. 

(insert evil grin)

Happy couch day Saturday!


You know who said...

Hooray! No neurotic buyer's remorse!
Love the couch. I'll be sitting on it next month.

Alison said...

Hooray, for no remorse!

I saw on that they sell cube ottomans that have a top that flips over and becomes a tray. Perfect, no?

I think I shall order one.


Sissy said...

Very nice! And yes, I would have moved it around some too, and tried the different ways. Charlie would have done that fact, he is waaay worse.

Alison said...

See, Craig doesn't care one bit (unless his view of the tv is obstructed!) and would have been like 'whatever, it doesn't matter, just leave it.'

And me? Well, I can never leave anything alone. :)

Jen Fiamengo said...

I love it! It looks perfect in your house, good purchase! I like the idea of the ottoman/tray from Target too, that would most likely be another good purchase on your part :)

Alison said...

Thanks, Jen.
I actually, and rather impulsively, bought a square ottoman last night online. It has a matching smaller ottoman and the bigger one has a top that flips over to form a tray.

I found it on and they offer free shipping over $50, which is always a plus.


Hilary said...

The couch is great! I still can't believe you bought a couch unseen. I am not that brave. So glad it worked out. And as for furniture rearranging, that is a monthly occurrence at casa republican,