Sunday, March 6, 2011

So Impulsive

So, yesterday I mentioned I'd like to get some sort of ottoman/serving tray contraption to set in front of my new couch in the event that we have company who would like to set a drink down somewhere other than the carpet.  Honestly, the only company we ever have falls in the 9-12 age range, which makes this a pretty pointless purchase, but, you never know.  It could happen.

Oh wait, I forgot that my mom and her friend are coming for a visit next month.  They might appreciate a place to set down their drink.  If I remember to offer them one, that is.  As much as I like to keep a nice home and bake all sorts of delicious treats, I do not have the gift of hospitality.  Although, my mom doesn't either, so she's never offended if I forget to offer her a drink.

Anyway, after I blogged about wanting to purchase an ottoman, I went a Googling and found this:


and then I bought it. 

Just like that. 

Impulsive, much?

Normally I'm the very antithesis of impulsive and spend too much time debating every stitch, color hue, price point and dimension.  Yesterday I wanted nothing of it; I just wanted an ottoman/serving tray.

And as a bonus, Target does free shipping over $50.

As of yet, I'm experiencing no buyer's remorse.  What is with me lately?  Perhaps I'm mellowing in my old age.

It's nice and rainy today.  I'd love to stay home all day, but Caroline suckered me into taking her to lunch and a movie.  We're headed to Panera for soup and sandwiches and then to see Gnomeo and Juliet.  Obviously, given my general distaste for most animated movies, I'm more excited about the soup and sandwich than I am about the movie.

Perhaps Gnomeo and Juliet will surprise me and not bore me to tears.  Maybe?

I'm not very hopeful, though.

Happy Sunday, everyone!


Auntie Peggy said...

Impulse shopping!!! I love it!!!! Sadly though the most impulsive shopping I've done lately is for cleaning supplies and kitty litter :(
I'll just live vicariously through you for a while :)

Alison said...

That cat is still alive? It's nice that you buy him kitty litter, though.

I like to buy cleaning supplies, especially lemon scented stuff. I LOVE the smell of lemon Cascade dishwasher gel packs.


Auntie Peggy's sister said...

I, too, love to shop impulsively. I went wedding attire shopping today. Didn't get a dress, however. Got a fancy shmancy light gray top and a foo foo gray sweater (because I'm sure I'll be cold). I'll save dress wearing until Laura's 2089.

Alison said...

Eh, dresses are for girls.
Or. Whatever.

I'm glad you found some wedding attire. It'll probably be a little chilly while you're here, so the sweater was a good choice. But...a foo foo sweater? Does it have feathers and ruffles and lace?

Jen Fiamengo said...

I like your impulsive shopping because you have good taste! I can't wait to see pictures of how good it looks next to your new couch with a drink on it!