Friday, March 18, 2011

Afternoon Slump

It seems that on most afternoons I find myself falling into some sort of Debbie Downer slump.  It's not a lack of energy, so it's not like a shot of caffeine will boost my mood.  It's more of a genuine down-in-the-dumps feeling.  I'm great in the mornings and can even muster a passable mood in the evenings but the afternoons really kick my tail. 

This happens a lot and I wish I could pin point the cause because it's kind of annoying.

I wonder if it's just boredom?

It's possible, and highly likely.  I suppose I should find a hobby, to quell the boredom, because I certainly don't want to get a job! ;)

In other news, Caroline is still feverish.  My gut tells me this is the same virus two other people we know have had, but I still find myself second guessing my decision to not bring her to the doctor.  She doesn't have any other symptoms and she 'feels' fine, even though her temperature says otherwise.  I know if I brought her in, they'd say, 'it's a virus.'  I don't know about you, but wasting my time waiting at the doctor's office and having the obvious stated to me isn't really my favorite thing.

I feel bad because it's a nice warm day today and I know Caroline would rather be outside playing with her friends, but instead, she's cooped up inside.  On the bright side, this gives her plenty of time to spend with Craig before he leaves for Georgia on Sunday.  Hopefully she'll be kind enough to not pass on any of her germs to him.  Or me!  I have a half marathon to run next Saturday; I'm in no mood to be sick.

In sum, I'm bummed, Caroline is still sick and we're having pizza for dinner.

Happy Friday.

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Jen's Mommy said...

I guess even YOU Alison are entitled to have a "slump" I can't believe it however! Maybe tomorrow will be slumpless for you :)