Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fluff Pants

WARNING:   Being in stuck inside for days on end may produce an epic horror otherwise known as Fluff Pants.

Wait a minute.  Is boredom really to blame for fluff pants? 

Or, perhaps, too many cookies are the culprit?

Either way, I don't think it matters.  Because according to Caroline, 'it's nice to sit on something so fluffy.'

Oh, that poor, misguided, built-like-a-stick child.  One day she'll realize that extra posterior fluff really isn't so much fun after all.

We got a huge laugh over fluff pants, which was a good distraction from Spring Fever 2011.  This happened on Saturday, when Craig was still home.  He told Caroline to go find me and say 'hey mom, now I look like you!'


You better watch out, kid; karma is rather unforgiving.


She's YOUR kid said...

(Laughing my fluffy part off)

Alison said...

She's goofy. And bored!

Anonymous said...

Dad gave major props to Craig for his "Now you look like your mom" comment.

Alison said...

Now that doesn't surprise me at all.


Jen Fiamengo said...

You should save this blog for about 40 years from now when Caroline has built in fluff pants that never go away! :)