Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It's Square

My ottoman arrived today.

It's nice.

It's square.

I'd take a picture, but it's really overcast outside right now; the lack of natural lighting makes for uglier pictures.

Trust me, you're not missing much.  It's brown.  It's an ottoman.  It's square.  Technically, it's a cube, but we'll go with square for now.

Clearly, I'm full of vigor today.  Actually, that's a lie; I'm full of apathy today.  After yesterday's Things I'm Loving post, I should write a Things I'm Hating post, but it would be too long.  Ha!  Not really.  With the exception of the Metro, I'm not really hating anyone or anything right now.

The Metro? you may ask.  Why would Alison hate the Metro system, of all things?

Well, I currently hate the Metro system because it's not opening until 6 am on the day of my half marathon.  In years past, it has opened at 5am, which allowed runners to get to the start line of the race by 6:15, as the race officials suggest.  Thanks to budget constraints and Metro's claim that they did not have enough passenger traffic during the 5-6am hour on last year's race day to warrant the expense of opening early, I now have to drive to my race.

Thanks Metro.  Thanks a lot.


In other, non hate filled news, I'm baking brownies today.  How could anyone hate on brownies?  Caroline is MVP in her class this week, which means she gets to share all about herself, do special tasks and bring in a fun snack to share.  She chose brownies.

That's my girl.

I'm not going all out for the third graders, though.  We're going the box mix route, but with the fancy addition of some chocolate chips.  Let's face it, third graders do not have the most discriminating palates and I'm not sure I want to waste expensive butter and chocolate on kids who think ketchup belongs on everything.  Not that I'm hating on know what I mean.

In fact, at Caroline's class Valentine's party, one kid brought in a pan full of brownies baked in a mini muffin tin; they were over cooked, crunchy and stuck to the pan, and yet, one girl claimed the brownies to be 'delcious' and came back for seconds and thirds.

I think my boxed brownies will be just fine.

Heh, I it just occurred to me that I started this post talking about my brown, square ottoman and I'm ending it with talk about brown, square brownies.  Am I gifted, or what?  However, given this theme I've concocted, I suppose that means I cannot talk about my spaghetti squash, which is neither square nor brown. 

Spaghetti squash may not be square or brown, but it is delicious.    And, after you've licked copious amounts of brownie batter from your bowls and spatulas and hoovered handfuls of chocolate chips in your mouth, it's also nutritionally imperative.

Yes, my friends,  I do believe it's time for a brownie batter detox. 

Bring on the veggies!


Jen Fiamengo said...

Did you use your brownie cutter from Jan? How did it work out? I'm excited to see a picture of your square ottoman, I bet it looks great! Oh I made chocolate peanut butter cup cookies the other day, I need a detox too!

Alison said...

You know, I didn't use my brownie cutter. I rearranged my pantry recently and it's missing. I think it fell behind my cake carrier way up on the top shelf. I'll have to drag a chair over and see if I can find it.

Chocolate pb cup cookies sound great.

I'm making basketball cupcakes on Saturday! Can't wait!!