Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Progress Check

Tree progress?

Um, yeah.  Still bare.

I have a good excuse, though.  I'm lazy baking.

Since tomorrow is December 1st, and, in my opinion, the start of 'baking month,' I thought I'd make some tasty cookies for Craig's co workers.

First up, my favorite double chocolate chunk cookies.

But this time, in the spirit of Christmas baking season, I'm using these dark chocolate/mint morsels in lieu of the chocolate chunks.

How festive.

Next up:  Snickerdoodles.  My ultimate favorite Christmas cookie.

The two cookie doughs are chilling and I'll bake them up shortly.  In an effort to not clog Craig's co worker's arteries too heavily or cause their blood sugar to sky rocket into diabetic territories, I've picked out two baking recipes to bake each week until Christmas.  Just enough to keep them smiling, but not enough to kill anyone.  If I had it my way, I'd bake something each day.  You just can't beat the aroma of baking holiday goodies; it just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, even when you're the type of person least likely to be described as warm and fuzzy.

I realize having two baked goods per week is still overkill, but the time I have left to bake for such a thankful and receptive audience is dwindling, so I've got to take advantage of it while I can.  I'll explain why my baking days are numbered shortly, but don't worry, it's nothing tragic like a broken Kitchen Aid mixer, or anything.  Once our ducks are in a row and things are more official I 'splain it to you. 

Oooh, how ominous.   ;)

Okay, time to bake. 

And decorate my tree?


Hilary said...

I need to stop reading your blog before dinner. You always make me crave dessert and not want my very healthy and nutritious (but not covered in sugar and chocolate) salad.

I found the recipe and bookmarked it because I love me some snicker-doodles as well. I thought I would pass it along.


Sissy said...

I decorated my tree yesterday and it looks pretty good, if I do say so myself. And I do admit that I adjust my tree from time to time. It won't ever be absolutely perfect, but when the lights are dimmed and my tree is glowing, I am in love with it!

Alison said...

Hilary--sorry I'm a bad influence! ;) I'd eat salad all day every day if it meant I could have a huge slice of cake or a brownie as big as my head every night. Dessert rules!

I've actually made those snickerdoodle blondies before! I found the recipe on a different blog, but it's the same recipe. They are delcious and EASY. The same blog I found that recipe on has a version with a pumpkin pie like filling on top of the blondie base. Those are awesome, too.

Sissy--I constantly rearrange my ornaments, too. I actually made some progress this afternoon and about 1/4 of it is decorated. Nothing beats looking at a beautifully lit Christmas tree.