Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Tragic Friday

So while crazy enthusiastic people were braving the crowds and elbowing their way to bargain basement priced laptops and dvd players yesterday, another group of crazy people (ages 10 and under) ransacked my house.  As evidenced by the pictures you're about to witness, you can see that the girls had fun setting up for their greatly anticipated post Thanksgiving Webkinz feast.  Evidently feast preparations involve sawing through cardboard boxes to create tables.  And lots and lots of mess.

I give them points for creativity.  Unfortunately they were docked points for failing to maintain a clean workspace.

There really aren't any words to accurately describe how I felt living amidst this mess yesterday.  By the end of the day, when the sun started to go down and everyone suddenly had to go home RIGHT now, Caroline and I were left with the mess.  Funny how that works, huh?  Actually, they were all outside when they were called home, so I can't fault that.  However, it would have been nice to have a little help.

Since the feast is scheduled for today, and I couldn't toss the boxes as I had hoped, we stacked up the boxes the best we could.

And now it's all scattered around the living room again.  For the feast shall be held this afternoon. 

And because my life is that tragic.

In other news, it's out with the foliage and gourds and in with the Christmas decorations.

Time to tuck away the golds, oranges and browns and say hello to green, red and silver.

It's safe to say that plenty of ribbon will be involved in the decorating of this house.

And hopefully a little of this, as well.

But, considering my current messy living room and the four girl wrecking crew that won't seem to leave, I think I'll need a little of this, too.


Hilary said...

You are an amazing Mom. I am not sure I could have dealt with that level of mess. Really cute idea on Caroline's part, definite points for creativity.

Alison said...

They had fun, which I'm glad. They're kids. Messy kids. But I try not to put damper on their creativity. It was hard (really hard) looking at the mess though. Yesterday, after they had the official feast, I mentioned throwing the boxes away. But, they wanted to keep them for the Christmas feast next month. I asked Caroline where we should keep everything and she said her room. Um, it's the size of a postage stamp. That's not going to happen. One of the other girls suggested they keep everything at her house. But I knew her mom would object (obvs). So I told them I would buy them some paper plates for the next feast so that we don't have to keep 118 square pieces of cardboard here.

Today, the house is back to normal. Hooray!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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