Friday, November 5, 2010

The Halloween Pictures That Led to My Camera's Demise

It started out innocently enough, with some pictures of our pumpkins.  We had planned to carve them Saturday night, but Caroline was invited to a Halloween party at the last minute, so those plans were shelved.  My prayers were answered!  Instead, on Halloween, Caroline and friends decorated our pumpkins with Sharpie markers.

This one is a vampire.

Notice the bloody fangs.  Charming, eh?

When it came time to go trick-or-treating, Caroline got all dressed up in her running gear and I started to snap a few pictures.

In this one, I told her to make it look less like a mugshot, since she was supposed to be having fun, but my directions didn't really help.

Since the "smiling" shots weren't working, we went with "act like a runner before a big race" shots.

Checking the watch.

Touching your toes.

And various stretching poses.  Although, neither Craig nor I stretch before running.  We wait until we're finished and our muscles are warm.  But that's not really the point.  Anyway....

And this is where things start to go really down hill.  Notice the fuzzy shots.

Fuzzy, fuzzy, uncooperative and more fuzzy.

At this point, I was pretty annoyed.

By this time, I was fully annoyed and Caroline was losing her cooperative spirit.  In frustration, I "lightly" tapped the camera on the hallway rug.

And this happened.

Oopsie!  I bent the lens.

Which then led me to this:

Don't mind the goofy camera pictures in the mirror, it seems to be a tradition each time I get a new camera.

All in all, this story has a happy ending, which, as the recipient of the happiness, I can appreciate.  I do, however, wish I hadn't lost my cool and broken my old camera.  I suppose this can be chalked up to a "live and learn" type of lesson.


Hilary said...

Cute pictures. I am still in love with the running costume. I love a homemade Halloween. I have the mirror new camera pictures too! Mr. R always thought it was "so weird". Glad you are in the weird boat too :)

Alison said...

I'm the captain of the weird boat!
I'm glad Caroline is game for the homemade costumes. The runner costume was super easy because we pretty much had everything on hand. I did buy her a new shirt and pants, but she'll need them for the upcoming Girls on the Run Reindeer Romp. It snowed during last year's run! I've always wanted Caroline to dress up as a bunch of grapes (green or purple balloons attached to her clothes) but we've never done it. Maybe next year!
Have a great weekend!

Sissy said...

Um, "tapping" electronics on the floor is never a good idea. Never, never. Neither is yelling at appliances, which is a rule in our house. It is the best idea I ever had...