Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sick Day?

I don't know what happens at your house on a sick day, but at our house, sick days involve making potions.

Food coloring + water + every available cup/bottle/glass in the kitchen = loads of fun.

Zip cords make an appearance, as well.  It started out as one line to send down messages on a coat hanger,  but throughout the day, the lines multiplied like rabbits.  Craig came home to quite a maze of yellow yarn.

Legos on your parent's bedroom floor is another sick day standard.

Especially when you have a captive audience of your most adoring fans.

There's that Lulu.  I'm STILL smitten with her.

It's those long eyelashes.

Caroline recovered quite quickly from whatever ailed her Sunday night and is back at school.  I took another day off from the gym this morning to fully recover from my own plague.

Instead of burning calories and kicking the crud out of imaginary victims in Body Combat, I'm baking my birthday cake.

And making a monumental mess while I'm at it.

I'm also stuffing my body with lots of good for me stuff.  If it weren't for the fact that I have to run 18 miles on Friday, I wouldn't be so diligent.  However, that type of lengthy run requires a healthy, rested body.  I'll go back to my regular habit of abusing my body when marathon training is over.

That bottle of Green Machine doesn't lie,

"looks weird, tastes amazing"

It tastes very pineapple-y.  "'Looks like sludge, tastes like pineapple."  And that, my friends, is why I'm not in advertising.

Okay, time to get baking.


Hilary said...

A sick day? Wow! I would call that an activity day. I am tired just looking at all the projects you both found time for. I need to say a little prayer of thanks tonight that I do not teach elementary school.

I am excited to see pictures and read the recipe for your cake! Your desserts always make me wish I had the baking gene.

Happy Birthday!

Alison said...

Clearly, Caroline wasn't that sick. Even when she is sicker, she still refuses to sit still. It must be some skipped family gene because her dad and I are more than happy to sit and veg. :)

I baked my cake but by the time I finished, it was too dark to take pictures. I have to cut a few slices for us so that Craig can take the rest to work tomorrow. I'll try to get a few shots of the sliced cake tomorrow before I devour it!

Jenny said...

Happy birthday! Hope you're feeling better!