Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Day of Random Stuff

Which therefore leads to a post of random stuff. 

I went to Caroline's class this morning to help a few students type up their 'what they're thankful for' paragraphs for some project they're completing tomorrow.   I didn't see Caroline's paper, but I sure hope she says she's thankful for her parents and not for her Webkinz or her soccer ball.  How pathetic would it be to lose out to a dirty soccer ball and a box full of stuffed animals?

However, Caroline is as sentimental as her mother, so I suppose I shouldn't be surprised if she's more thankful for an inanimate object than for the mother who gave her life.

My time at the school was over in an hour, which gave me plenty of time to run some errands.  First stop:  Starbucks, of course.  I like Dunkin Donuts for cold coffee and Starbucks for hot coffee.  Although, it's warmish outside and I started to sweat while drinking my misto.  Perhaps I should have gone for an iced DD coffee instead.  But, I was in the general Starbucks direction on Ft. Belvoir, so location ultimately made my decision.  I went looking for a new basketball for Caroline.  The season starts soon and her coach said they needed a 28.5 (whatever that is?) ball.  We have a 27.5 ball, which I suppose is no bueno.  However, the store had 27.5 and 29.5 balls.  Perhaps the coach made a mistake and meant 27.5, which is the youth size.

I don't know.  Determining basketball size is boring, so instead of looking ridiculous as I pondered ball size, I decided to ditch the whole effort.  I think the ball she has will do.

After I wasted half my life (or something like that) standing in the basketball aisle, I was then distracted by the Angel Tree and found myself purchasing toys for one of the children on the tree.  That was fun.  And much more exciting than debating the differences between 27.5 and 29.5 basketballs.

And then I went to buy batteries and make up.  I still forgot to buy those little plastic flosser things for Caroline's teeth, but I'll get those tomorrow.  Caroline will be wholly unamused by the fact that I forgot to buy them, despite the fact that she has reminded me every night for the past three nights AND I went to two different stores today that carry the flossers.  On the bright side, I did remember batteries for the Wii.  At least I did *something* right today.

Wii > flossing.

After my exciting battery and age defying foundation purchase, I went home for lunch.  And then I went to Target.  Where I forgot flossers again.  But, I did buy peanut butter, vitamin D and a few clothing items for Caroline.

That's what I love about Target.  You can get one of everything there.  Even flossers. IF you remember them.

Quite obviously, I'm home now.  After all, the fun must end sooner or later.

I like staying busy and running random errands, but once I typed this all out and reread it, it now seems more pathetic than anything else.  Except for the Starbuck's misto.  That was anything but pathetic. 

It's good, however, to get all the random stuff out of the way because I'll be busy tomorrow with Thanksgiving preparations.  And there is no way I'm going shopping this weekend.  In my youth, I got all excited for Black Friday shopping, but now that I'm old and crusty, the idea of braving the crowds for cheap dvd players and $10 puffy vests is most unappealing.  I'd almost rather pay full price for stuff than deal with traffic, crowds and crazed Black Friday shoppers. 

Am I full of good cheer or what?

How about you?  Black Friday shopping:  Yay or Nay?


Happy Black Friday said...

So, this is the year Black Friday became Black Friday Week...and we as a society will never go back.
Just an observation.
I am not a Get up at 3 a.m. to go to Kohl's shopper. No B.F. shopping for me!
Alison, we used to do the day after Christmas shopping. Remember going to the outdoor mall in Monterey and sitting and watching people and trying to guess who was wearing their Christmas presents?
And remember the Boulangerie and buying fresh bread?

Alison said...

I know, it's like every store has "pre black friday" sales now. It kind of makes me sad. But I don't know why. I just hate feeling like I need to buy now, now, NOW.

I remember the after Christmas shopping. That was fun. I don't really do that anymore, either. It's just too crowded...and I don't have a shopping buddy. Maybe that's it.

Mmm, I do remember the fresh bread. And the remember the Bagel Bakery? Carbs forever!

Hilary said...

Black Friday is a must in this house. I love the rush of the people, the deals, the savings the traffic, the crowds. It's like living in the city all over again except the city is Target and instead of living there I am demanding a really cheap blue-ray player :)

Random Poster's Mommy said...

My one desire for this holiday season is to go to one of the big malls, probably Westshore Plaza in Tampa, and get a cup of coffee (a misto perhaps?) and sit and watch the people. I didn't get to do that last year.
Yes, I do remember the bagel bakery. And the breakfast restaurant at the American Tin Cannery that had birds flying around inside. And going to that huge warehouse place in Salinas and feasting on free samples. That's how I often fed you and Laura lunch!
I love free samples...
Are you brining (or whining) today?
Dad bought a turkey breast and I've got all the makings of fresh leftovers for when we come home from the Mission Inn tomorrow.
He's still recovering from his procedure and will be out of commission for a few weeks at least.

Alison said...

Hilary--good luck with your black friday shopping. I think if I had someone to shop with, I would enjoy it more. I enjoy the experience of shopping, drinking coffee, people watching, going out for lunch, etc, but it's no fun alone. For the budget's sake, I guess it's good that I don't have a shopping buddy. I could do a lot of damage that way!

Mom--yes, I'm brining and whining. They go together. I'll make the brine tonight, but I won't submerge the turkey until the morning. It's still a little frozen, anyway. I think I'll add some apple cider to my brine. And my pretty herbs!