Sunday, November 7, 2010

Thankful For Stuff

I've noticed around blog-land and on Facebook, that many are choosing this month in particular to mention the things they're thankful for.  Today, as I was keeping busy with lots of shopping and errands, I started thinking about some of the things that make me happy.  In keeping with my "no mush" theme, the things I'll list today are the material things that are currently earning a special spot inside my cold black heart.   Because, well....that's just the way I operate.   ;)

I might be the only one, but I love Fall Back time; it may be my inner vampire, but I get excited when the sun sets at 5:30pm.  And who doesn't enjoy that extra hour of sleep?

I'm also thankful for grande non fat mistos with toffee nut syrup in a RED Starbucks cup.  Oh, how I adore the holiday red cups.  Maybe it's just me, but I think coffee tastes better in the red Starbucks cups.

I'm thankful for clear, waterproof bandages to hide the gnarly burn I have on the back of my neck.  During our 16 mile run on Friday, the strap of my CamelBak rubbed quite a burn into the nape of my neck.  It hurts, but thankfully these waterproof bandages are helping the burn heal.

And, as a side note, YOU should be thankful that I did not include a picture of said burn. 

I'm also thankful for those red clearance stickers at Target.  Those red stickers make me downright giddy sometimes.

Times two.

Times three!

For holiday scented candles, even if it isn't my beloved Glade apple cinnamon.

But wait...I'm thankful the for the Glade apple cinnamon candle I have in reserve

along with these two other holiday scented candles,

which I bought with these great coupons.

I'm thankful for vibrant fall foliage,

for Saturday afternoons spent on the soccer pitch (even when our team doesn't win),

for pumpkin butter

and leftover Halloween candy.

It's the simple things, really.  I'm glad I'm easily amused by the color of my coffee cup, a mini Butterfinger bar swiped from Caroline's halloween stash or finding shirts on clearance for 75% off.   

I'm thankful that I find joy in the little things.


Hilary said...

I am a firm believer that it is the little stuff that can make or break your day. A good hair day, not needing to iron my work pants, a fresh pot of coffee in the office. Those are the things that make me happy. I am so excited about the RED CUPS! To me it means that Christmas is on its way. Yes, I am one of those that starts the Christmas countdown right after Halloween. I think the radio told me, 50 more days... eek!

Alison said...

Ah, a good hair day can totally make your day ten times better.
I haven't thought much about Christmas yet. I mean, I have, because it's everywhere now (and I totally love Christmas), but not in a "I need to really think about it and make a plan" kind of way. I may have no idea about presents yet, but I am excited to bake. That's the best part!