Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Early Birthday To Me!


It's a good thing SOMEBODY has a job around here, because I sure did drop a load of dollars this afternoon on my new camera.  Thankfully, the wage earner in our family is also happiest when spending money.  That works well for me.  My birthday is in two weeks, so I consider this a very early and very generous birthday gift.  Besides, I'll need some cheering up on November 17th.  The years just keep flying buy and my ever developing wrinkles do nothing to help me forget this fact.  Everything seems like such a blur.  What gets me most is that I don't even think I took the time to stop and enjoy my rapidly fading youth; I've been too busy being neurotic and fretting things beyond my control.  It's kind of a bummer, if you ask me. 

Anyway, in the grand scheme of things, 34 isn't old, but it does serve as a brutal reminder of how quickly time flies.  Just yesterday, or so it seems, I was 25, on the verge of giving birth to Caroline.  I look at Caroline now and wonder what the heck has happened these past 9 years.  Seriously, where does the time go?

Now I'm depressed. 

That's okay, I'll cheer myself up with my new camera.  Once I figure out how to use it.  I managed to get the lens attached and the camera strap in place.  That's a start, right?

The battery is charging so hopefully it'll be up and running soon.

In case you're wondering, I purchased an extra warranty, since my luck with cameras lately hasn't been very um...lucky.  I have a feeling that I'll be coddling this camera like it's my newborn baby.  See, now Caroline can finally have the baby sister she's been dreaming about.  We'll call her Cammy.

And while I'm on the subject of birthdays, let me take a moment to leave my mom a very special message.


If you're wondering what to give your first born for her birthday this year, here's a hint:  I WANT ONE OF THESE.

Any pattern will do.  They're all cute.  I just want one that includes the lens cap pocket.


Alison (your aging and incredibly subtle daughter)



Hilary said...

Alison, you are hilarious!
1. Congratulations on your camera. I am a bit jeal... I can't wait to see all of your awesome pictures!

2. In your blogger picture you look 25, wrinkles and fading youth my foot.

3.Love the baby sister Cammy. I wonder if Mr. R will let me get away with naming the inanimate objects in our house. It could be my ticket out of having to actually give birth.

Alison said...

Naming inanimate objects is fun, although I don't do it too often. Just Cammy, oh and Ebony, my Kitchen Aid mixer. Ebony and I are best buds.

I say name all of your stuff and forgo the birth thing. Actually, in my opinion, the giving birth part isn't so bad, if you take the epidural. The years that follow are much harder. Fun, but hard.

I'm terribly confused by all the settings on my camera. I'll probably shoot in auto mode until I figure it all out. I met a mom at field day last week who sent me a link to a "rebels for dummies" type of website. I'm going to need it.

Sissy said...

I love the strap cover too! And you will love your camera, even if I am mad that you bought a Canon and not a Nikon. I'm not sure we can be friends any more. Hmmmm.

Alison said...

Sissy, at the store, the Nikon D90 was right next to the Canon I bought, but it was out of stock. I thought of you, though. I actually considered the D5000 for a quick minute, but something in me screamed Canon.

I hope we can still be friends. I was just thinking the other day that we met when we were 14 (!) and now we're about to be 34!! But, the good news is that at least we're not as old as Craig! :)

Yada yada yada said...

It was your mother's voice inside you screaming "Canon!"

The straps are very cute. A Good Mother would buy you one for your birthday. Alas and alack, I already got you something spectacular and it will be arriving at your doorstep in the next day or so...and it's not your father.
And you will squee with immense delight when you get it and I shall forevermore be The Best Mom Ever.

Alison said...

Dear Yada, You're already the best mom I have and since you're already on the birthday gift train, I'll let it slide. You can get me one for Christmas instead, okay? :) I seem to have misplaced my tact, haven't I?

Anyway, thanks for sending me a present, because I like when people give me stuff. But, you can keep dad for yourself; he's the gift that keeps on giving.

PS--have fun in California! Are you sure you don't need a personal assistant to travel with you? Nah, I can't go anyway.....we have soccer this weekend, and I have to donate chips and tea bags for the food table at the school's craft fair. Don't want to miss that, do I? Glamorous. :)