Friday, November 19, 2010

For A Person With No Life, I Sure Have Been Busy

But, not right now.  In fact, right now, I am laying on the living room floor looking for a sunny spot and thinking that a nap would be a great idea.  Caroline is going home with a classmate this afternoon so I do have some time to catch a few winks.

We ran 18 ugly, painful miles this morning. Well, the first 12 were fine; the last six that were  problematic. It was a pretty discouraging run and now all I feel like doing is drinking diet pepsi, eating saltines (hello random) and taking a nap.  I'm also craving beef jerky, which, for my vegetarian leanings, is quite uncharacteristic.

In other, happier news, I bought some jeans yesterday at Kohl's for $8.  Between sale pricing, an extra 15% off and a $10 gift card, I think it's safe to say I scored a good deal.  Kohl's sends $10 gift cards every few months in the mail; isn't that the best thing ever?  I don't know how I got on this great mailing list, but I'm surely not complaining.  I'm glad to have one pair of jeans that fit well.  Most of my jeans are too big in the waist, not big enough in the  backside, too long in the legs or have faulty zippers.  Even the "short" jeans, including the ones I bought yesterday, are still a smidge too long.  I don't get it.  I'm not a midget.  I'm on the short side, but not THAT short.   I thought my legs were proportionate to my body, but I guess not.

At least I don't have high waters.  When I was a kid, I had some play jeans that were a bit too short.  Because kids are stupid,petty and delight in finding any little thing to pick on, my playmates called me Michael Jackson.  I wasn't completely crushed by the teasing but I still remember it, even though it happened like 26 years ago. 

Oh man, I just laid my head down on the carpet and nearly fell asleep.  I guess that's my sign to end this intellectually stimulating blog post and rest for a bit.  I apologize for today's lame offering, but, well, I can't be brilliant all the time. 

Here's hoping tomorrow will bring some interesting, blogworthy topics.

Happy Friday!


Hilary said...

18 miles... oh my lands. I did that when we were marathon training for Nike in San Fran. 18 was miserable. Even my skin hurt after 18 miles. Congratulations on being done and the next big hurdle is 20 and then the marathon! Which one are you training for?

Hopefully you are resting now :) Have a great weekend.

Alison said...

San Fransisco!? That must have been one freaking hilly marathon. Kudos to you!
We're doing the Disney World marathon in January. Next week we do 20, but in december we have another 18 and 20 miler.

The benefit of training in a such a hilly area is that Disney is relatively flat. I fully expect to fly through that course. Well, maybe not fly...

Yes, we're resting, which happens to be my favorite part of marathon training!

Have a great weekend!

It's early in the morning said...

Congrats on your Kohl's score--and your surviving 18 miles! You deserve saltines and jerky.
Jeans--I am having trouble finding petite sizes that are LONG enough! It's quite frustrating. I have Stacy and Clinton sitting on each shoulder singing "Beat It" in my ear. All I need is like a half inch longer--and I never put jeans in the dryer. And I'm short! With stumpy legs!

Alison said...

See, I can't do petite because they're too short in the waist. But short jeans are still not short enough. Sigh! Finding jeans that fit and make your butt look good is harder than finding a good mate.