Monday, December 14, 2009

Kraft Time

Help, Micheal's threw up in my guest bedroom!

I'm not a particularly crafty person; my crafting love ebbs and flows. Every so often, generally around the holidays, I get bitten by the craft bug and feel the need to create. With Christmas nearing and Micheal's (one of my favorite stores) all a flurry with crafting ideas, it's safe to say that I've been spending a lot of money on ribbon lately.

I've been focusing on ornaments lately because, well, I just like them. Also, they're not necessarily too advanced for a craft novice like me.
When I visited with my friend, Sissy, on black Friday, she introduced me to these plain plastic star ornaments that Michael's sells. She likes to put them in front of the colored lights on her tree because it looks so sparkly and pretty. Really, sparkly and pretty are reason enough to buy and/or do anything, no?
Wanting to be just like Sissy, I bought two, one for me and one for Caroline's stash of ornaments I add to every year, and hung it on my tree.
It's simple star, but very pretty at the same time.

(insert picture, that my camera apparently ate, here)
After admiring the pretty star, dangling from my tree, for over a week, I went back to Michael's and purchased several more. Instead of leaving them as they are, I decided to embellish and monogram them and give them to Caroline's teacher and friends for an easy, simple, personalized present.
And of course, I made one for Caroline.

And me too. Obviously.

I made quite a few of them.

After all these stars were made, my crafting desire had still not been satiated, so I took the monogrammed Christmas ornament a step further. Using an idea I read on another blog, I bought some clear plastic bulb ornaments, stuffed them with that shredded gift bag filler stuff and tied on some colorful ribbon.

The "W" ornament is for our neighbors.

Can you tell I like that red and silver polka dot ribbon? Love.

I ran out of the necessary letters to monogram more ornaments so I used some of the remaining stickers to create some "Christmasy" words.



I wanted to make one that said "Merry" but I only had one r left.

Somehow "Mery" doesn't have the same ring to it.


Sissy said...

Okay, so those are totally wonderful and cool! What kind of letters are those that you used? Did you draw them or stick them on?

Sissy said...

Oh, and I totally know those stars are addictive. I was impressed you only bought two...but now I know the truth. You couldn't resist!

Alison said...

They're stickers! I bought them at Michaels. I think they cost about $5 for the package and you get a couple of each letter in different variations (upper case, lower case, swirly script). You have an artistic and steady hand and could probably write your own with a glitter pen. But, the stickers were really easy.
It was a fun project.

And yes, I did buy more. LOTS more!