Friday, July 1, 2011

It's July!

Normally I'm kind of sad when a new month begins because it generally means that time is flying way too quickly and I'm getting older, wrinklier and closer to 40 than I'd like.  However, in the summer months (aka the months I detest with the passion of a million fiery suns), I'm practically giddy as I flip over the calendar page.  The faster the hot, children-out-of-school months pass, the happier I am.

Oh, and please note that while I complain endlessly about summer break,  I do, in fact, love my kid.  I'd hate for anyone to think otherwise. 

Besides the fact that I'm happy it's July 1, I really have nothing to report.  Last July 1st I had something to report:  it was the day Craig got promoted

But today?

Well, not much is going on.

I bought a watermelon today.  And some paper towels.  I paid the bills (holla to online bill paying) and am currently sitting on my couch, feet propped up, and diet pepsi at my side.  Not exactly blog worthy.  So instead of rambling on about nothing, I will keep this short and sweet. 

But before I hit publish, let me get one thing off my chest:  fruit is not dessert! 

It just isn't.  Stop trying to tell me otherwise. 

I adore fruit.  I eat a lot of it.  It's tasty.  It's refreshing.  It's nutrient dense.


Fruit may be a part of dessert, if cake, ice cream or pie are involved.  But by itself, fruit is not dessert.

Can I get an amen?


Amen, sistah said...

And to that, I'll add my rant against fruit plus chocolate. Don't mix raspberries, strawberries, anyberries, apricots or any other fruit with chocolate. Keep them separate. It's in the Constitution!
And the Bible! Maybe.
Or at least it should be.
It's a sin.
A bad sin.

Sarah said...

I'll give you an amen on that too! :)

Hilary said...

Ha! I try to serve fruit as dessert to my husband on a regular basis. I am sure he is giving you an AMEN! right now.

Carrie said...

Dude. Amen. Other things that aren't dessert:

1. Jello (WTF)
2. Gum (Ahem, Extra)

Sissy said...

I love some jello with cool whip, so I must disagree with the commenter above me, but I do like fruity desserts though. Like rainbow sherbet...tastes like fruit but isn't. Is that okay? LOL

Dessert Expert said...

No, Sissy. I think rainbow sherbet qualifies as a hot summer afternoon snack but not dessert. Dessert should leave you feeling a little queasy and a lot guilty and self-loathing.

Oh--a local lawyer has moved into your old house on Tompkins and is remodeling it as his office. He also owns the nicest bar in Citrus County which is, of all places, a few doors down from Conner's Gifts.

Alison said...

I appreciate all the responses. It appears that dessert is a personal subject. My whole 'fruit is not dessert' rant happened because this woman from my gym has a 'healthy treats' type of Facebook page. She proceeded to state that grilled fruit is way better than cake and other 'crap' one might be inclined to eat at a 4th of July party.

I whole heartedly disagree with that statment.

I'm okay with fruit IN dessert; just not fruit AS dessert.

Mom--I'm okay with chocolate and fruit, except for chocolate covered cherries (ew!) and the combo of orange and chocolate.

Hilary--feed that poor Mr. R some dessert. He's so skinny! ;)

Sarah--I'm sure you'd agree, since you have a baking blog, and all.

Carrie--only on the Biggest Loser is gum considered dessert.

Sissy---I like rainbow sherbet. But I much prefer something covered in chocolate or doused in caramel sauce. Or both.

Carrie said...

Sissy: Ha. I grew up in a house that served jello with dinner, and then dessert dessert after. I remember the first time I was served jello for dessert. I was so confused. ;)