Sunday, July 17, 2011


Caroline and her friend, Rachel, have been on a sidewalk chalk kick lately.  Their 'art' is currently embellishing the street in front of our house and also in my garage, because it's too hot to do the chalk thing when the sun is out in full force.  In the evenings, they plop themselves smack dab in the middle of the street (I wish I was lying) and draw.   Am I a responsible parent, or what?
The thing about sidewalk chalk is that it's not known for it's longevity.  After a few scribbles on the rough pavement, the chalk breaks or gets whittled down to nubs within mere moments.  As a result of Caroline and Rachel's efforts to keep our neighborhood streets decorated with rainbows and rocket ships, I was informed last night that we were down to a plastic container full of chalk nubs.

While we were out running some errands this morning, we bought some new chalk.  Because any activity that brings them outside and in to the fresh air, is a winner in my book. I intended to purchase the big box for the girls, but somehow they convinced me that they needed both individual tubs like the ones pictured above and a 52 count box to share.

Why yes, I am a sucker.

But at least they're outside.

In other news:  I have a cramp in my foot.  I ran this morning and now I have a cramp in my foot.  It hurts.  I am not amused.

Also?  Caroline is going to camp next week with Rachel and her sister Sarah. 

Two words:  Yee.  Haw.

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