Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Now There's a Hole in My Closet!

It's getting interesting around here.

My landlord is currently here doing whatever it is he needs to do.  Words like caulk and silicone and three hours to dry have come from his mouth.  But, lets be real for a moment:  it's all jibber jabber to me.

All I know is that I couldn't go to the gym this morning and I'm bummed.  Because, again, lets be real for a moment:  I'm a self centered princess.

While waiting for my landlord to arrive and not going to the gym, Caroline and I had a goofy, impromptu photo session with a vase filled with faux foliage.

Because....well, why not?

We're goofballs.


One tired princess' mama said...

Those are wonderful pictures!
You deserve a bake sale.

Army Amy* said...

I love a good spontaneous photo sesh! Very America's Next Top Model!*

Jen Fiamengo said...

I like the photo sesh! Caroline is getting so pretty! Lucky girl!