Wednesday, July 13, 2011

If The Tank Top Fits

Buy it in every color!

I'm shamelessly addicted to these tank tops from Target.  They're cheap ($6 on sale) and come in a variety of colors.  Between last summer and now, I've purchased seven of them.  Seven.  Six are pictured above in a lovely array of blues, purples and greens.  I also own a coral colored one, but it was in the wash when I took the picture.

It seems pretty excessive to own seven tank tops off the same style.  In fact, not only does it SEEM excessive, it IS, in fact, excessive. 

I have no shame.

Just like the seven similar tank tops hanging in my closet (among the other tank tops which will remain unpictured, lest you think I have some sort of shopping problem, ahem), I have a drawer full of workout tank tops.

Some women pledge their allegiance to Lululemon and Lucy activewear; I prefer the $4 ribbed tank tops from Walmart.  Sure, they don't wick the sweat away like high end workout wear, but they're cheap, colorful and easily replaceable.

That picture above isn't great...I think the sun light was too bright...but I figured I'd share anyway.

I guess it could be worse, right?  I could collect purses or shoes.

In other news, summer has only been out three weeks.  It feels like it's been forever, but, it has, in fact, only been three weeks.  It's a cruel world we live in. 

I've been keeping the girls busy with our tour of every pool in Fairfax county, but there is only so much swimming they can do.  Today we're taking a break from the pool, but tomorrow we're attempting the high dive again at the indoor pool.  Yesterday we crashed my friend Mandy's pool and we're going back there on Friday for swimming and pizza.

Anything to fill up the days.

I feel like a camp counselor with my clip board of fun.  It's hard to find affordable, fun activities for girls aged 9-12.  We could hang out at the mall, I suppose, but I don't know about that.  Last time we went to the mall, I had to go in to Hot Topic so Caroline's friend, Sarah, could look at fake glasses.  It seems the fake glasses craze has come back in style; when I was a girl I wanted a pair of Sally Jesse Raphael round red glasses SO BADLY.  I never bought any, probably because I figured I wasn't cool enough to pull off the fake glasses look, and I suppose it was for the best.  I always wanted to be trendy as a kid, but never felt confident enough that I could pull it off.  Come to think of it, I still feel that way today.  Which explains my seven tank tops of the same style.

In all my years on this planet, I had never found any reason to step into a Hot Topic store.  Have you ever been in Hot Topic?  Obnoxious music.  Obnoxious clothing.  Apathetic multi-pierced sales person hunched over the counter.  I'm not an old fogey by any stretch of the imagination, but I can't say that I felt totally at home in Hot Topic.  My brand of boring, bland and vanilla can't compete with the obnoxious, loud and apathetic brand Hot Topic has to offer.

Would you expect anything different from someone who owns the same tank top in seven different colors?

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Sarah said...

I'm a multiple buyer as well. But my choice is t-shirts from Banana Republic. Doesn't help that I am ADDICTED to that store. A few years ago, I bought the same t-shirt in three different colors and I wear them all the time. Last weekend I bought a different t-shirt in two different colors. I guess when you find something that works for you, it makes sense to get as many as you can. You never know when they'll stop making them, right?