Friday, July 29, 2011

Gone Swimmin'

We've been busy lately, swimming and such.  Well, Caroline has been swimming; I've been dipping my feet in the pool and running my mouth. 

Works for me.

I brought my camera to the pool the other night to get some shots of Caroline in action.

She's gotten mighty brave this summer.

I took advantage of the rapid shooting setting on my camera and got pictures of Caroline doing a back flip in the water.

We've spent the last three days at the pool.....wait make that four... I forgot we went to our little pool on Tuesday.   Tonight Caroline is at a sleepover with her soccer teammates and I am taking advantage of the quiet.  I fully intended to clean the carpet on our stairs, but after spending four days at the pool, I'm kind of tired and I just might do the couch potato thing, instead.

Because running your mouth whilst dipping your feet in the water can take a lot out of a person.

Happy Friday!


Sissy said...

lovely photos!

Amy* said...

Running your mouth can be quiet tiring. I have first hand experience with that! Love the pictures, btw!*

Alison said...

The only thing I do really well is gab, so I'm really just submitting to my life's calling.