Thursday, July 21, 2011



That's me.  Uninspired.

And hot.  But not hott.  Just plain sweaty.

I feel like at least once a week I produce a blog post which includes some sort of apology for not having anything to blog about.  Of course, I shouldn't apologize for being tragic, because it's really beyond my control, but I feel I owe all thirteen of my readers something fresh and halfway inspired every now and then.  What's a girl to do when she's bored and uninspired?

What's a girl to do when her only goal each day is to survive?   

As easy as it seems, entertaining Caroline and her friends can wear me down.  Nothing is quite good enough.  Whatever we do is 'fun' but then thirty minutes later they're looking to do the next thing. I can't keep up.  And it's hot.  Hot weather makes me want to hibernate.   I could tell you that most days I find myself laying on my bedroom floor in the mid afternoon, watching the Food Network and wishing I could blink and be someone else.  I'm not sure what happens in the afternoon to make me feel this way. It's like an automatic switch flips from off to on, or something.   In the morning, I'm refreshed, ready to workout and ready for the day.  But by two in the afternoon I'm laying on the floor in a state of full-on woe is me. 

Pity party for one.
An uninspired pity party for one.

Inspiration strikes at the oddest moments.  Last night I was inspired to blog about pet names (and my inability to use them) but it was late and I wanted to get ready for bed.  Today, I fired up the laptop in hopes of completing my thoughts on the topic, but I couldn't do it.  I lost the momentum.

Hopefully it'll come back.

Can't keep all thirteen of you hanging!



Um, um, um...huh? said...

pet names as in "My dog, Bitsy" or calling your husband Shmoopy?

13 inquiring minds want to know!

Alison said...

Shmoopy, of course.