Thursday, July 14, 2011

Success on the High Dive

We went back to the indoor pool today.  After Monday's disastrous visit, I brought back the three girls who find jumping from the high dive to be a fun experience. 

And fun they had.

They must have each jumped 50 times. 

Another friend (and her two brothers) joined us, so I had their mom to talk to, which was nice. 

I also had a conversation with one of the camp counselors, who was watching her bunch of camp kids from the side of the pool.  She was also there on Monday and was one of the masses of people who tried to encourage Bailey to jump from the high dive.   It was a fun conversation; she told me the woes of her life:  in school, in work and in love. 

I wish I had the troubles of a soon-to-be senior in college.  :)

Speaking of woes.....I started to feel badly for bringing Caroline, Sarah and Rachel to the pool today, without Bailey, but I knew in my heart that she probably didn't want to go, anyway.  But still, when you're nine, it's easy to get your feelings hurt when you're left out.  Heck, it's easy to get your feelings hurt when you're 34, even when you know better.  Also, I didn't want news to get back to Bailey's parents that I purposefully excluded her from the indoor pool excursion.  If there is anything I've learned in my nine and a half years of parenting, it's that kids do not effectively relay the entire truth in most cases.  I think they simply cannot remember and then retell ALL of the details.  Perhaps it's a maturity thing?

Anyhow, I figured even if I told Bailey exactly why we were going to the pool without her, the only part she'd tell her parents was 'Alison said I couldn't go.'

So to prevent any sort of neighborhood rift, I called Bailey's dad and told him the whole story.  And of course, he completely understood.


It seems in my attempts to make everyone happy, I've made myself miserable.

I guess it'll all be okay.  Bailey isn't mad.  The girls got to jump on the high dive.  And best of all, I bought them snacks from the vending machine. 

Because nothing says summer like eating Cheez-Its in your bathing suit.

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