Monday, July 25, 2011

There's a Hole In Our Ceiling


Yesterday, around dinner time, I noticed a drip in our dining room ceiling. Unfortunately, this isn't anything new; we had a drip in our basement ceiling back in January; thankfully this time, we didn't discover the leak during a birthday sleepover party. 

Also, I'm really quite thankful the drip was caught early and that my landlord was able to figure out the cause without having to do too much damage. 

So, now we have a hole in the ceiling.  No big deal.

Know what  else we have hanging from the ceiling?

Webkinz swings!

Caroline and her friends fashioned comfy swings out of towels, yarn, tape, wire and clothes pins.  They're actually hanging from the upstairs banister and not from the ceiling, but you get the idea.

I think it's pretty clever.

Holy moly, tt just started to storm outside, which I find to be quite enjoyable.  I just hope it dies down before we have to leave for Caroline's dentist appointment later this afternoon.  I'm also thankful for the rain because this morning at the gym I remembered we're supposed to be watering our neighbor's plants while she's away on vacation.  That sort of slipped my mind.  Oopsie!

The fun never ends around here!

Happy Monday!


Sarah said...

The great thing about renting...something breaks, or in this case leaks, and you make a phone call. Love not having that responsibility!

Alison said...

Right on, Sarah. Owning a house is scary to me because when something breaks, we have to fix it. And I don't know how to fix too many things.