Thursday, July 7, 2011

Slacker Photog


I should remember to bring out my camera more often because otherwise I'm forced to include stupid e-cards in my post.  They're stupid, but funny.   Often completely inappropriate, which makes them even funnier.  Just so long as Caroline isn't reading over my shoulder; there are some things you just should not have to explain to a nine year old.

In today's quest to not go crazy during summer break, we went to the pool.  Since Caroline's two friends had so much fun touring the Ft. Belvoir bowling alley yesterday (and patronizing the conveniently located Dunkin Donuts) we decided to try the Ft. Belvoir pool today.  The pool has a big deep end, even bigger than our friend's pool in the neighboring subdivision.  The girls wanted to practice their diving....and also to patronize the other Dunkin Donuts, which is also conveniently located close to the pool.  Because coolattas make a hot summer day a little easier to tolerate.

Our time at the pool was short, probably because they wanted to go to Dunkin Donuts, but, they got some exercise and I had a chance to catch up on some reading. 

And there you have it:  our pitiful day in a nut shell.

Heaven help me, we're close to wrapping up our second full week of summer vacation.I think we have nine to go.  I'm not sure I can find enough things to do to keep everyone happy, occupied and not tragically bored....all without sending them into a diabetic coma with repeated trips to Dunkin Donuts.


Thanks for letting me vent!


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