Sunday, January 23, 2011


I'm happy to report that I survived Caroline's slumber party.  I learned an important lesson, though:  eight girls are TOO MANY for one slumber party in a small(ish) townhouse.


Last year we had five girls.  Five was okay.  Five was actually quite reasonable. 

Eight is not reasonable. 

Eight, is quite in fact, more than enough.

Craig, that rather crafty dude, managed to escape the estrogen overloaded party.  He had one chance to see one of this oldest friends, who lives in Annapolis.  This was the only night (or so he claims!) to see Pete before he leaves next week for his 18 months o' deployment fun.  Because I'm not a wretched person, I obliged his request.  However, he owes me.  Big time.  And oh, how he'll pay. 

I'm not sure how he'll pay, but he will.


Like I said, I survived.  And everyone seemed to have a good time, so I suppose we can label the party a success.

However, last night we discovered a drip in the ceiling of our basement.  A drip that turned to two drips and eventually to three drips.  Thankfully, the dripping was slow and minimal, but now, at 5:51 pm, our landlord and two plumbers are here, there is a hole in the basement ceiling and another hole in our middle level powder room.


And...the plumber just banged his head and is bleeding.  Not profusely, thank goodness.

The fun never ends around here.

I'll be back with party pictures eventually.  Probably tomorrow, but with the way things are going, I can't be certain. 


Sissy said...

Glad you are still alive, and that Caroline had a good time. Birthdays are always fun, and my 9th birthday was absolutely horrible and I don't think I had another party until waaaay later.

It's too early to be clever said...

Head banging/bleeding plumbers--I'm married to one!
Dad's always doing that. It's good to know he's not the only one.

Glad you survived. You deserve a Major Award.

Alison said...

Thanks, Sissy. I'm glad I'm still alive, too. I contemplated running away and leaving the girls to run the show, but I knew that would end up with a much more tragic outcome. I don't think I had a birthday party past the age of 9 or so. But, Caroline is much different than me, so I'm sure she's not ready to give them up yet! But, I did suggest going to Great Wolf Lodge next year, in lieu of a sleepover. Somehow, I suspect she'll end up with both. She's crafty like that.

Mom--As soon as the guy hit his head, I thought of dad. Fortunately, this guy wasn't on Plavix because he didn't bleed like dad does!
I think got my accident prone-ness from dad. I cut my finger frosting cookies. Yep.

And once I banged my head on the rack that holds steps in the workout room at my gym in Georgia. My friend was like, 'Alison, you're bleeding...' I had no idea!

Instead of a major award (which I wouldn't mind) I bought myself a nice travel coffee mug yesterday when Caroline was at her soccer camp. I didn't buy Craig one because they were too girly, but now I have to find one for him, too.