Saturday, January 8, 2011

My Skin Is So Supple

Hi all.

I know I said the next time I posted I'll be a marathoner, but it's Saturday morning and I have a few minutes before the bus will take us to the expo to pick up our race packets.

The half marathon was this morning; as we finished our breakfast, we saw several of the the finishers walking back to their rooms.   I couldn't help but feel a twinge of jealousy that they're already done and our race isn't for another day still.   Also, the majority of the finishers were walking like they weren't just beaten to a bloody pulp; I'm afraid I won't  be able to say the same thing after our race tomorrow.

Clearly,  I exude positivity. 

I can't help it.

The kills me.

In other news, my skin no longer looks like it belongs on an alligator.  Florida humidity in the summer is disgusting, but winter time humidity is completely acceptable.  Now I know why people retire in Florida; the humidity helps restore youthfulness to your skin.

Suddenly my limited knowledge of Florida history regarding Ponce de Leon and the fountain of youth is all coming back to me.  That Ponce was on to something.

So far, we're having fun.  Upon checking into our hotel yesterday, we took the bus to Downtown Disney for dinner.  We ate, walked around and then took a boat back to our hotel. 

Disney sure does know how to do things right.

For the amount of cash you drop when you're here, they better do it right!

Okay, time to get moving.  We have race packets to pick up and then we're meeting Craig's mom for lunch.  My parents and sister will be arriving shortly after; they're keeping Caroline for us tonight since an early bedtime and a VERY EARLY bus ride in the morning beckons.

Happy Saturday!

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Marcey said...

Good luck! We'll be rootin' for you ALL day! Say "hi" to Mickey and Minnie for us!