Saturday, January 15, 2011


I still have a few pictures to share of our trip, but I'm not in the mood today.


And because I'm not in the mood, I'm just not going to do it.  I suspect I'll be in a better, less apathetic mood tomorrow and will relish the idea of posting our Epcot pictures.  Today?  Eh, not so much.

I got up bright and early this morning to take my car to get its yearly inspection/emissions test because it's time to renew our license plates.  Hooray!  Who doesn't love a good trip to the DMV.  According to Ty the service guy, my car is sick and needs a few band aids repairs. Of course, none of these issues would cause the car to fail the state inspection, but, because it's wise to fix what is broken, my car is now checked into the  Betty Ford clinic dealer, awaiting treatment.  Unfortunately the parts aren't available until Monday.

I guess it's good that this happened before Craig leaves because having a second  car is mighty helpful.

I'm not exactly in a non-picture posting mood because of my car problems; that is merely a tiny symptom of the bigger problem:  meh.

Meh.  It's how I feel.


It's a technical term.  Look it up.

Not even a scoop of peanut butter and a handful of chocolate chips can cure my meh today.

Some days are just meh kind of days. 

I'd say happy Saturday, but, well.....meh.


Meh's Mom said...

And Meh to you, too.

I just got back from Walmart via Olive Garden. One of Dad's customers gave him $50 gift card and he hates chain restaurants so he said I should take Tara to lunch, so I did.
Soup, salad, breadsticks. It was OK, not great, although we had fun.
But first we walked from our house to "downtown" for the monthly Inverness farmer's market and bought local produce and red pepper jam from Ozello and smelled soap made from goat's milk. That was fun.
A fun day was had by all...except you.
May tomorrow be less meh and more "yay!"

Alison said...

I'm glad you and Tara had a nice day together.
That dad sure has become extra particular in his old age. ;)

Bring on the yay!

Sissy said...

I bought red pepper jelly the other day too!