Monday, January 31, 2011

Coupon Crazies


I've been bitten by the coupon bug again.  It seems like my desire to scout the deals ebbs and flows and right now, I'm in coupon mode.  Double coupons make my heart sing.  And triple coupons?  Well, let's just say that triple coupons make me want to break out into song and dance. 

The grocery store near my gym doubles up to .99 coupons daily, but on the first day of every month, they double up to $1.99.  For reasons beyond my control, I haven't been able to partake in this exciting day since they started doing it back in the fall.  Tomorrow, even though it's a school holiday and I'll have to bring along my unwilling shopping partner, I'm going.

I don't even care that we're supposed to be pelted with freezing rain tomorrow. Nope, I'm bringing my allotted 20 coupons and scoring some deals. 

It takes a little work to figure out what coupons to use.  The grocery store, Bloom, is sort of pricey so some items, even with a doubled coupon, are often still more expensive then what I could get at the commissary with a non doubled coupon.  However, Bloom has Sabra's hummus (my favorite) and the commissary does not.  It's on sale this week and I have a $1 coupon.


There's nothing like some cheap Greek olive Sabra's hummus to cheer a girl up

Numbers are definitely not my thang and even though math is required, double coupons make my heart and (inner nerd), very happy

Coupon planning has kept me busy this weekend, which is good.  I kind of need the distraction.  Craig made it to Little Rock, Arkansas yesterday and spent the evening with his grandma and dad.  He didn't give them advanced warning that he was coming and thankfully he didn't give his 83 year old grandma a heart attack when he wound up on her front porch.

Today he's driving to his final destination, deep in the heart of Texas.  I hope he doesn't pick up line dancing and chewing tobacco!  I told him when he comes home for two weeks of leave, he better not be wearing a 10 gallon hat and a big belt buckle.  If Craig starts listening to country music, then I'll really know he's been Tex-ified. 

Not that there is anything wrong with Texas.

I'm smart enough to, you know, never mess with Texas.  I've actually  been to Texas before.  Twice.  Once I met my mom, sister, aunt and cousin in Dallas for a girls weekend and the second time we drove from Georgia to Little Rock and then down to Texas (the same place Craig is going) to visit a friend.  It was lovely.

The sky is really big in Texas. 

Anyway, we're settling into our old routine.  In a way, it feels like Craig never even came home.  When he comes back, it feels like he didn't leave and when he goes, it feels like he never came home.

It's sort of weird.

I've already reorganized our closets, giving Craig all white coat hangers and me all green.  Then I threw away a bunch of old plastic food storage containers and gathered a pile of things to donate.

Double coupons and decluttering:  it's how I cope


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