Saturday, January 1, 2011

Setting The Tone


Happy New Year!

Goals, resolutions, blah, blah, blah.

Be better.  Do better.  Eat better.  Be nicer.   Yadda, yadda, yadda.

I'm not really much of  resolution maker, I confess.  However, I can admit that I do start every new year with a certain amount of hope that the coming year will be great. Who doesn't?   I remain hopeful and want to improve, but as far as making a real list, that I'm not so good at.  I just figure I'd rather not set myself up for failure.

Although, last year I did have one goal:  to increase my bicep weight in Body Pump.  I'm happy to report that for the most part, I did.  The increased weight never got easier, but I did it.

We all stayed up until midnight last night and tried to watch the ball drop, but unless I'm blind and missed it, ABC didn't show the actual ball dropping.  We saw Dick Clark counting down and then witnessed a whole bunch of people (including Dick Clark, ew!) making out in Times Square, but we missed the ball dropping.  Not that it really matters.  Because, really?  How dumb is watching a big sparkly ball descend from the sky as we count down to the beginning of a new year.  Call me the New Year's Grinch, but I just don't get it. 

I would have much preferred to have been asleep at midnight, but Caroline was hell bent on staying up.  Last year she made it to 11:45 before falling asleep.  She was eager to make up for last year's disappointing attempt.

So far, we've entered 2011 in a low key manner.  Craig is watching football; Caroline played the Wii and is now waiting for her friends to come over; I did housework, laundry and yard work.  Since I pretty much do housework and laundry every day (and yard work on special occasions), I suppose I'm just setting the tone for the new year.  Is it true that what you do on New Year's day will be what you do all year long.  It must be true, because Craig likes the TV watching, Caroline is great at playing and I do a whole lot of cleaning. 

On another note, we're not having black eyed peas today.  I've made hoppin john every year on New Year's Day for quite sometime because black eyed peas are supposed to bring you luck.  I've been a little preoccupied lately and I'm sorry that I let this yearly tradition slip through the cracks. I suppose we're just going to have bad luck in 2011.  Oh well, I think black eyed peas taste like dirt, anyway. 

I ate a rather tasty grilled turkey, hummus, spinach and cheese wrap for lunch, instead. 

And we'll have leftover pot pie for dinner.

We'll start a new tradition:  the who-cares-about-good-luck-let's-eat-leftover-pot-pie-because-I-made-a-whole-lot tradition.

Works for me.

Clearly I'm full of good cheer on this first day of 2011.  Hopefully the remaining blog posts this year will be a little less Debbie Downer and a lot more Hopeful Harry.  Or, whatever.

Okay, time to fold laundry.  Happy new year to me. 

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