Thursday, January 27, 2011

Favorite Flavors

It's not exactly a secret that I adore chocolate.  As much as I enjoy a good hunk of dark chocolate, preferably one that is smeared with peanut butter, if asked to pick my favorite sweet flavors, I'd dump chocolate in favor of something in the toffee/caramel/brown sugar/butterscotch family.  Warm and sweet, buttery and slightly nutty.   Of course, if you dip that toffee in chocolate, I'd have absolutely nothing to complain about.

It's a mystery, really.  I mean, I love chocolate; chocolate and I go way back.  But if I had to choose between a chocolate and vanilla milkshake, I'd pick vanilla. Mocha or caramel macchiato?  Macchiato, please.    Hot fudge or caramel sundae?  Caramel wins handsdown.  But when it comes to brownies and blondies, I'd probably choose a brownie. 

I'm a woman of many contradictions.

I had one last chance to supply Craig's co workers with some tasty treats before he leaves at the end of the week. :(  Taking inspiration from the baking supplies I had tucked away in my pantry, I decided to celebrate my favorite flavors in this week's offerings:


and caramel

Yes, those caramel bits look a little like chickpeas,

but I assure you, they're caramel.

For my final contribution to brownie-palooza  I went against my firm 'no nuts in brownies' stance to make  caramel-pecan brownies.

I love the shiny, crackly top.

Mmmm, ribbon of caramel.

These were pretty tasty.  Again, I don't really like nuts in brownies, but because the pecans were mixed with my beloved caramel, I gave them a chance.  I'd probably still prefer to just have a nice ribbon of caramel, sans pecans, but these weren't for me, so it doesn't really matter.

Next up:  oatmeal toffee white chocolate cookies


What are your favorite flavors?

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Hilary said...

Caramel, pecans, toffee and butter... I am drooling, Why do we not live closer? Yes, that's right you & your amazing baked goods would have be weighing 300 pounds.