Sunday, January 30, 2011

Her Airness

If you asked Caroline if she wanted to go to a ballet class, she'd give you a disgusted, bewildered look; the type of look one might shoot you if you were caught kicking a puppy.  I don't know what makes one girl a girly-girl and another girl someone like Caroline.  Is it nature or nurture?  It may be my fault because I never put her in dresses and never played up the whole 'princess' thing, but honestly, I think, no...I know, that Caroline is exactly who God intended her to be.

She's a tender hearted, messy, dirt magnet, activity loving girl who likes Webkinz, math and cats and doesn't complain if I put her in pink, but would rather die than wear a dress.

Works for me.

Since we're in between the fall and spring soccer seasons, we thought we'd give basketball a try.  She played once in Kindergarten; her coach was 8 feet tall and from another country.  Because he was twice the size of the 5 year olds and had a very thick accent, the kids didn't learn much. They had fun, though.  I suppose that's what is most important.

Even in third grade, basketball is just for fun.  No score keeping allowed.  But you know as well as I do that the kids keep score. 

So does the coach.  Unofficially, of course.

One might think that an only child, who doesn't always have to share, would be a ball hog, but on the contrary, Caroline is quite the sharer.  She passes the ball more than she shoots, but every team needs a playmaker, right?

She is actually more defense minded and shadows her 'man' quite proficiently.  I'm surprised that number 45 didn't elbow Caroline by the end of the game.  I know I probably would have!

Caroline's team, the Hot Shots, has blown away the competition in each of their three games:  52-4, 78-4, 60-4. 

Clearly, they're having lots of fun.


Princess NK said...

Hooray for Caroline!
I'm reading a book called Cinderella Ate My Daughter, about the whole girly girl Princess culture. Very interesting. I'll bring it to you in April.
Today we went to Tampa. Of course. We ate at a place called Fresh. Look it up and read the menu. They have a cold cereal bar and a TV that has the Cartoon Network playing.
We had paninis.
And then we walked for probably about 5 miles.
A good time was had by all.

Alison said...

Sounds like an interesting book. The whole time we were at Disney we kept teasing Caroline about wearing her princess dress. She wasn't amused!

I'm glad you had a nice time in Tampa. A cereal bar is my kind of bar.