Friday, October 22, 2010

Wilted Pumpkin

He shoulda had a V8.

This is Caroline's friend, Bailey's, poor unfortunate pumpkin.  Her poor unfortunate, wilted pumpkin which currently sits on our front steps.  Why on our steps?  I'm not so sure.   However, Bailey also has a pair of soccer socks in our front entry way that have been here for two weeks.  She also once had no less than three pairs of shoes at our house and would come over each morning before school to collect the shoes she needed to wear that day.  Yep, this is my life.  Anyway, this pumpkin, which does not belong to us, has been sitting on our steps since Sunday and I've watched it decompose little by little each day.  This morning, as I walked down the front steps to take Caroline to school, I saw this poor seeping, soggy pumpkin caving in on itself and just had to take a picture.

Let this picture be a lesson, which in my house, has fallen on deaf ears:  do not carve your pumpkin two weeks before Halloween.

Caroline's little pumpkin hasn't faired much better.

In other, much more deliciously appealing news, if you like to bake you simply must make these cream cheese swirl Oreo brownies.

No really,

you simply MUST.

These pumpkin cookies aren't half bad either.

I may have caramel frosting in my eye brows and little sprinkles stuck in the grooves of our hardwood floors, but these cookies are definitely worth it.  *Correction*  I had frosting on the tip of my nose; good thing I checked the mirror before going to pick Caroline up from school!

Oh yeah. 

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