Monday, October 11, 2010

Punkin Patch

This afternoon I took Caroline plus three of her friends to our local produce stand/nursery/pumpkin patch.  It's hot today, with temperatures in the mid 80s, which isn't exactly pumpkin patch weather, but we made the best of it.  Besides, I'm from Florida and am therefore used to sweating in October.  And November.  And December......

Our stay was short, due to the weather, but we had fun, nonetheless. On the plus side, 7-11 is right near the pumpkin patch, so we felt it necessary to stop by and cool off with a Slurpee.  If a dose high fructose corn syrup and red dye #40 after a trip to the pumpkin patch doesn't scream fall to you, then I don't know what does.

Being a lover of all things fall, I had a ball taking pictures of the gourds and mums; I just pretended I was wearing jeans and a coat, with a cup of hot cider in my hand.    Somehow wearing a tank top and shorts, with my hair in pig tails, doesn't complete the fall inspired picture I have in my head.  That's okay, the gourds made it all worth it; sweaty brow and all.  After my pumpkin patch photo session, I've come to conclude that I probably have an atypical admiration for gourds.  You still like me anyway?  Right? 

Anyway, here are some of the pictures I took.


joshkc said...

These are great pictures. Who knew there were so many different pumpkins. I got some good ideas for the Buddy Walk pumpkin patch. thanks

Alison said...

KC, they had TONS of different kinds. They even had something called a cheese pumpkin! White, orange, blue, banana, fairytale, cheese. I loved the bumpy ones the most. Even bumpy squash deserves a little love! Good luck with the Buddy Walk!

whatever said...

Beautiful photos! Did you do something to your camera? These are so clear and sharp!

Alison said...

I changed the ISO setting, but I'm not sure if that really helped too much. I think the camera just works better outside...but outside or inside, zooming is no good. I did find a "close up" setting that works pretty well, but I didn't use it yesterday.
I kind of just snapped pictures without putting much thought into them. It was really bright outside, too, so I just crossed my fingers and pressed the button.

PS--I hope you're feeling better.