Saturday, October 30, 2010


We're hard at work on Caroline's economics project.  Notice I said WE'RE hard at work.  It's a group effort.  The kids have to design a product, name it and create a slogan.  Caroline's product idea is TV-on-the-Toe, a little television that attaches to your shoe.

Need a TV on the go?  Try a TV-on-the-Toe!

We're almost done, which is good because it's due on Wednesday.  All we need to do is take a picture of Caroline using her TV-on-the-Toe and attach it to the poster. 

Speaking of shoes, we went to the running store today.  Craig had to return a pair of shoes he bought online that were too small.  That's a dangerous store, I tell you.  Running seems like a simple, inexpensive hobby, but when you factor in shoes, racing fees and all the products promising speed and comfort, you can be out tons of money.

We went for Craig's shoes, but in the end, we both ended up with new shoes.  It's funny how that happens.

Hey, when your $100 shoes are on sale for $72, it's practically a sin to pass that kind of deal up.  Besides, we were planning on buying new shoes in December to break them in for our January marathon.  I guess we're just a little ahead of the game. 

The early bird saves $28.

Anyway, our Saturday has been somewhat eventful already with a traffic ridden drive to the running store, followed by lunch at Subway.  We're home for a bit before we head out to Caroline's soccer game.  I'm told that we'll also be carving a pumpkin tonight, but I'm secretly hoping to avoid it.  I end up doing all the work because Caroline loses interest all too quickly.  Our pumpkin is big and I'm just not feeling the carving love right now.


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Curious Pumpkin said...

But what are we going to be for Halloween?