Sunday, October 10, 2010


And what better way to celebrate 10-10-10 than to run a 10k.  But wait, we didn't run a 10k; it was an 8k.  Too bad the race organizers didn't think to make it a 10k.  Or, maybe that's just me and my adoration for all things equal.

Anyway, Craig and I were happy to participate in a race for such a great cause.  Our neighbor (and the mom of Caroline's friend, Bailey) is a NICU nurse at the benefitting children's hospital.  Go Team NICU!  We had a lot of fun; the race was great PLUS they had bagels from Panera and strawberry lemonade PowerAde at the finish line.  I'm not sure what's more fun, the satisfaction of running a good race or post race snacks?  I'll let you decide.

Things got started this morning, just like every other morning before a race: 

Gear, breakfast, band aids.  Have you tried those waterproof band aids?  I think they work really well. Trust me, I know of what I speak; I  use a lot of band aids.

Another race day treasure?  The (accidental) headless self portrait.


and hastily snapped running buddy's photo.

I think it's safe to say that Craig and I had a lot of fun this morning.  The weather was beautiful and the race, while a bit hilly, was rather enjoyable.  I ran the almost 5 miles in 46:03 and Craig won his age division with a time of 31:31.  

From the moment we got home from the race up until just now when I sat down to blog, I've been go-go-going.  Caroline received a last minute birthday party invite last night.  If you're keeping track, that's four birthday parties over the span of the last three weekends.  Since the invite was so last minute, we had to get a present before I dropped her off at the party today at noon.  So, I showered, got Caroline together, fed her (and two friends) a quick lunch, stopped by Target to get a gift card for the party and dropped Caroline off at the destination.  Only, as it turns out, the birthday girl and family were going to pick Caroline up at our house to take her to the roller rink, but something got lost in the translation.

It all worked out in the end; we just met in the Target parking lot, halfway between our two locations.  After Caroline went on her way, I stopped in to Target (again!) to look for buffet lamps for my kitchen shelves.  The good news is that I found two lovely lamps; the bad news is that I also found a ton of stuff on clearance that I definitely wanted, but probably didn't need.

Oh well.  What's done is done. There is something about those red clearance stickers that do me in.  EVERY TIME.

It's a sickness;  Clearance-itis.

Fortunately this affliction 100% curable, however I'm not at the stage where I'm willing to admit my addiction.   Acceptance is the first step, but I'm just not there yet.

Okay, enough dawdling.  It's time to wash the floor.

The fun never ends.

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joshkc said...

You and Craig are AWESOME!! We need to commit to a healthier lifestyle. We are making baby steps w/ slipping veggies and fruit into the kids food. We are even enjoying it. Now that the weathers nice is a good time to start. Thanks for sharing!