Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Very Long Metro Ride

Whew, we've had quite a long day, which started with a very long metro ride into DC to pick up our race packets for tomorrow's Army Ten Miler. 

A 50 minute Metro ride leaves you plenty of time to work on your Economics project

and stare out the window and day dream.

Eventually we made it to our destination:  the DC National Guard Armory, which is located right next to RFK Stadium, where the Redskins used to play and the DC United soccer team currently plays.

It was cool, crisp morning.  We arrived before 10 am, when the doors were set to open, so we spent a little time outside. 

In an attempt to occupy ourselves, we played on the stairs,

watched Airborne soldiers jump from above,

took pictures of our feet

and were entertained by a Drum and Fife band (corps?). 

They look kind of bad ass stoic, don't they?

Once we were let inside the Armory, we picked up our race numbers,

long sleeved t-shirts

and $12 socks.

I hope they're comfy, otherwise, I'll be kind of mad for dropping $25 on two new pairs of socks.  If they keep our feet warm, I suppose they'll be worth the $$.

Thankfully we couldn't stay too long at the race expo (read:  spend too much money on running gear) because Caroline had a soccer game at 12:45.

We hopped back on the Metro, got to our car, made a quick stop at Firehouse Subs for lunch to-go and made it to the field with a few minutes to spare.  Caroline ate in the car, but Craig and I waited to eat until we arrived at the soccer field.  By then we were starving.  The whole time we were eating, I kept saying " man, I love food" over and over.
Food just tastes better when you're really hungry.

Anyway, we're home now and have grand plans to rest our bodies for tomorrow's race.  Craig is extremely competitive, internally, and is filled with lots of nervous energy and tension.  His goal is to beat last year's time, which I'm convinced he can do quite easily.  As for me?  Well, I'll just be happy to finish in a decent time.  The good thing about being a newbie to racing is that every new race I run sets my personal best time.  I have nothing to compare to and nothing to beat, so I feel absolutely no pressure.  I'm much more concerned with being elbow to elbow with tens of  thousands of people.  I'm claustrophobic and really appreciate personal space.

Somehow, I think I'll need to overcome this issue by tomorrow morning. 

I'm going to try my best to get some pictures before and after the race, but not during, like I kind of hoped.  Security is really tight at this type of event and no cameras are allowed.  Boo.  Hopefully I'll be able to capture some of tomorrow's moments to share with you.

Wish us luck!

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