Thursday, May 6, 2010

When All Else Fails, Just Cover It Up

In all of my baking failures and triumphs over the years, I've learned that a chocolate drizzle or a dusting of powdered sugar, much like gravy, covers a multitude of sins. Just to be clear, I do not put gravy on my baked goods. That would be very wrong. I save the gravy trick for times when I need to cover up lackluster dinner offerings.

So, when your Oreo cheesecake bars crack, despite your very earnest attempts to prevent them from doing so,

just grab your ghetto pastry bag (man hands are optional!)

and drizzle away.

Sure, you can still see the cracks,

somehow I don't think anyone will mind.

Apropos of nothing, I went grocery shopping today. You know, to get the necessities: diet Coke, tortilla chips and hummus. I'm also on a pomegranate juice kick. It's pricey, so I buy one 16 oz bottle and mix half a cup of juice with some seltzer water and a squeeze of lime. It's refreshing, tasty and full of excellent antioxidants. Of course, I'm sure my diet Coke love completely negates the health benefits of pomegranate juice.

This may come as quite the surprise to you, but I actually did NOT buy ice cream today. Not because I was exercising restraint, or anything; restraint and I aren't exactly BFFs. Actually, I didn't buy any ice cream because none of the varieties the commissary is currently offering appealed to me. Never fear, though, I'll be hopping over to the grocery store by my gym tomorrow to stock up.

I'm sure you're really not interested in reading my shopping list, so I'll end with this.

Behold, the pretzel roll. I've been intrigued by the pretzel roll for some time and today I just couldn't resist the lure of salty, chewy, doughy goodness any longer.

Aren't they gorgeous?

I like carbs.

PS--Thursday is my day to volunteer in Caroline's class. When I walked in, Mrs. Fay came over and told me that she loved the scones I made yesterday! Come to find out, snickerdoodles are her favorite cookies.


nancy said...

I don't trust anyone who doesn't love snickerdoodles.
Your food fotos are pure food porn. Keep 'em coming!

Alison said...

Likewise, I don't trust anyone who says they don't like sweets. I'm mean really, how could that even be possible?

Snickerdoodles = happy.

Sissy said...

You didn't buy ice cream? That is restraint!