Saturday, May 29, 2010

Intrepid Bee Hunter

Ever wonder what a neurotic housewife does on a Friday evening? Usually this NH eats copious amounts of ice cream and watches Jeopardy, but last night, things were different. As I swept up some wayward mulch in my driveway and pulled some stubborn weeds, I couldn't help but hear some buzzing by my neighbor's bushes.

Never one to mind my own business, I took a little gander and there, buzzing way, with their stingers in plain sight, were 15-20 bees. BIG bees. The kind that look fuzzy. I'm not up on the names and characteristics of the different types of bees: bumblebees, regular bees, worker bees, queen bees. They all look equally scary and unapproachable to me. I've met a few bees in my time. One time I got stung on my lip at a picnic as I was trying to take a bite of a hamburger. But usually it's my foot that meets the bee's vicious stinger. I can't even tell you how many bees I've stepped on in my life; just thinking about it makes my head a little tingly. You'd think I would have wised up by now, but I still walk outside barefoot.

Such a rebel.

Anyway, the big, hairy bees who were conducting their pollination business on my neighbor's plant, were very intriguing. Rather stupidly, I ran inside, grabbed my camera and tried to snap pictures of the bees in action.

The pictures are kind of fuzzy, I admit. Bees move quickly and my little point and shoot couldn't keep up. Also, I tried not to remain in one position for too long, not wanting to anger any of the bees. They don't take kindly to camera toting gawkers.

Aren't they scary?

In other news, the web situation has become even more entangled. The kids added blue yarn to the mix and now I'm afraid my living room will never be the same.

Actually, Caroline is going camping with her friend's family tomorrow; the minute she leaves I'm grabbing the scissors and snipping away. I'm tired of limboing and crawling through a yarn entanglement to answer the door.

I've just about reached my tipping point.

The pool opens today. It's cloudy and I'm sure the water is freezing. I obviously have no interest in a.) putting on a bathing suit or b.) setting foot in cold water, so Caroline is going with her friend to the pool. If it goes anything like it did last year, the outing won't last long. Even kids can only endure cold water for so long. Soon enough the water will warm up and I'll be spending every afternoon at the pool with Caroline and her motley crew of friends.

Have I ever mentioned how much I dislike summer?


Sissy said...

I'm so excited that summer is coming cause it means more freedom of my time. Plus a little sleeping in, although this summer with my Michael's job, I won't sleep in as much as I did last year.

Alison said...

I can understand your enthusiasm. The part time job will be good for extra $$$ but you'll still have *some* free time, right?

I'm just not a fan of summer. I'm not crazy about all the sweating or the gaggle of children in my home. Today, Caroline's friends called over to see if I would take them to the pool. Their mom is out of town; Caroline went to the pool earlier in the day and the water was frigid. I told the girls who called, no, because 1) Caroline already went and 2) the water is too cold. Then they asked again a while later. Seriously. This is what my summer is like.

Hope you're having a stellar weekend. Minus the book inventory, of course.