Saturday, May 1, 2010

Croc Trot

We came. We trotted. We ate snacks refueled.
Nothing wrong with that, eh?

This morning, we participated in the greatly anticipated 2nd annual Croc Trot 5k at Caroline's school. We've been preparing for the event by attending the Croc Trotter's Club on Saturday mornings. With last week's "dress rehearsal" run under our belt, Caroline and I were both confident that she'd finish big and strong. Last week her 5k time was 31:58. Today she finished just a few seconds over 30 minutes.

We're really proud of her!

The morning started, like all good mornings should: with baked goods.

These coffee cake muffins needed to be wrapped up and tied with green and white ribbon. School spirit, and all. I made the muffins last night, which proved to be a very, very wise decision. I had intended to rise early and bake them this morning, but realized I'd have to get up by 4:45 to get them prepped, baked, cooled and wrapped. Um, no thanks.

So, I baked last night. And had a muffin disaster of epic proportions. First, I filled the cups too full and then realized later on that I didn't include enough baking powder. There was a small amount of smoke in my oven, but not too much. And some burned sugar stuck to the bottom of the oven. But not too much.

Despite the disaster, Caroline and I enjoyed eating the streusel topping off some of the mess ups, before they headed to the trash.

Thankfully I had enough ingredients to quickly make second batch. Second time is definitely a charm; they came out quite lovely.

After a quick pre run snack, we got ready for the race. Our race prep involved bandaging up a gnarly scraped knee. Care to wager a guess as to how this happened? If you guessed the skateboard, you're a smarty pants.

It took three band aids, but we got the boo boo covered and then we were ready to rock.

We had bows in our hair

and tissues for my copious sinus issues. Heh, a rhyme. This isn't a very flattering picture, but...oh well, that's nothing new.

I'm told it's oak pollen that's wreaking havoc this week. I have unfortunately fallen prey to the evil oak and have been stuffy for a few days.

Making goofy faces is the best way to warm up.

As is talking non stop. Caroline was VERY excited this morning. And in Caroline's world, very excited is translated into VERY talkative.

Before race time we adjusted our number bibs

and met up with our friends




Ack, it's hard to take clear pictures while you're running. Please pardon the blurries.

Here's the home stretch. The little blond boy is Seth, Caroline's friend Bailey's little brother.

Caroline was determined to not let Seth beat her, and Seth felt the same way, as well. Caroline's determination, and longer legs, paid off and she made her way to the finish line, leaving Seth in her dust.

I stayed behind, as Caroline sped up to the end, to get her picture as she crossed the finish line. Too bad I forgot to zoom in.

We got a ribbon for our effort.

And cheered for our friends.

Ate bagels

and bananas

We rested

and had a good time.

It's supposed to be near 90 degrees today. With a soccer game scheduled for 1 pm, we'll be baking in the afternoon sun.
It's funny how the weather works. On Wednesday, at practice, we were freezing. Three days later we'll be sweating, as we cheer on the girls.

Go Tigers!

EDITED TO ADD: in a show of family running solidarity, Craig participated in a 5k, as well. In case you didn't know, May is Asian-Pacific Heritage month. This was a big deal at my workplace in Hawaii; we even had a parade through our store, complete with one of those Chinese dragons and hula dancers. Anyway, if you're not going to have a parade, I can't think of a better way to celebrate Asian-Pacific Heritage month than with a 5k. Craig is super speedy and ran his race in 20:12. The very thought of running 3.1 miles in 20 minutes makes me want to throw up, but good for you, Craig.

It's comforting to know that even old legs can run fast. ;)

Oh, and I should also mention that the Tigers didn't fair well in their game this afternoon. It was a beating. A hot, sweaty beating. BUT, one of the assistant coaches used his wits, and brought a spray bottle full of water to mist the girls with. Now THAT was a brilliant idea. Between the cooling water spray and the post game cupcakes to celebrate a teammate's birthday, I think the girls forgot they lost. Not that they keep score, or anything.

Cupcakes are magical like that.

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Ali said...

Great job on your 5k - looks like it was a fun time.