Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

It wouldn't be Mother's Day at my house unless a mountain of laundry is calling my name. Nor is it Mother's day unless I've been banished to parts unoccupied by my dictatorial child and her accompanying hoard of tyrannical friends. Here I sit, once again, on my bedroom floor. Just me and my laptop and a whole lot of nothing going on. I'm watching Cake Boss, which is fun, but otherwise it's a day just like any other. Caroline and cohorts are wreaking havoc downstairs and they've run me out of the living room. I'm just trying to ignore them and the potential disasters that may occur. Trust me, it's better this way.

Keeping with my low key personality, we're having a low key Mother's Day. Which pretty much means, that this Sunday is much like every other Sunday. Would you expect anything less from me?

As it so happens, I was able to sleep in until 7:15 this morning, which, in my book, is quite alright. I woke up with a strange kid next to me, sleeping away; a child who I don't recall inviting into my bed last night. As it turns out, she crept in around 4. Considering the fact that I didn't wake up, she didn't kick me, talk in her sleep, mess up my neatly tucked in sheets or drool on my pillow, I'm entirely okay with her bed invasion.

Breakfast for the Queen (that's Caroline, not me) was made, followed by the giving of the Mother's Day Present.

A book of poetry.

Look, I'm the best mom EVER.

And best of all, most of the poems were about my favorite topic: ME.

Because I'm a dork I took pictures of some of Caroline's work.

Acrostic poem

Two Word Poem

Bio Poem

A to Z

I must really love pie.
And I'm nice?! And happy?!

Who knew?

I'm going to be so sad when the hand made, grade school gifts stop. Sigh.

After I read all about ME and gave appropriate thanks to my proud little poet, I made myself breakfast.

French toast with toasted almonds and bananas.


with REAL half and half, not that fakey fat free stuff. Normally I don't have the real stuff, but I had some left over from last week's scone experiments.

Breakfast was awful. I hated it.

The only thing I like better than a good meal (and pie, evidently) is shopping. And what better way to say "yay, you've managed to maintain a reasonable sanity level through 8 years of motherhood" than by going shopping? Having money to burn puts me in a serious shopping mood.

This shopping excursion wasn't just for me, though. We had a birthday present to buy.

Every 8 year old birthday girl needs a pink dachshund.

I did find time to try on some tank tops.
I'm not generally a ruffle person, but I really liked the way this tank top fit. In my world, if I find something I like that fits well, I buy it in



It was a nice find, especially since Target has them on sale for $5 a piece. So, I came away with three tank tops, but I think Caroline came out ahead. That seems to be a running theme in this house.

When your long legged, narrow waisted child finds shorts that aren't Daisy Dukes, you have to buy them in every color.

Caroline was a lovely shopping companion; not necessarily because she *wanted* to, but because I bribed her with lunch at Panera. Our lunch went mostly unpictured, but I had the tomato and mozzarella panini, which is something I could eat everyday without ever growing tired of it. I also got some french onion soup, not because *I* really wanted it, but because Caroline likes to dip *her* grilled cheese sandwich in the broth. She expects nothing less. And, well, I just give it to her.


I totally forgot to take pictures at the restaurant, but here's a lovely picture of my diet Pepsi.

and the brownie I purchased on a whim. I gave Caroline half and am saving my half for dessert. Although I ate half of my half a few minutes ago, smeared with peanut butter. It's not a great brownie; too cakey. I like chewy brownies. On second thought, I take that back. It's chewy, but it's lacking depth. I think it was made with cocoa powder. I'm of the firm belief that brownies should include melted chocolate. They're just plain better, deeper and richer than the cocoa powder variety.

Such a brownie snob.

Mother's Day isn't even over, but here I am writing a little recap. I'm bored, remember? Besides, I don't anticipate that anything extra interesting, or blogworthy will happen between now and bedtime.
If you must know, I'm going to eat leftover lentil and rice casserole with some roasted broccoli for dinner. Relax, lentil and rice casserole is worse tastier than it sounds.

Sort of.

No, it's good. It serves it's purpose. It sort of reminds me of a veggie burger.
It's healthy but not at all photogenic, so I'll spare you a picture.

I have a little bit of S'mores ice cream left, which I'll eat with the remainder of my so-so brownie.
There will be dishes to wash and put away. A lunch to be packed. A gym bag to prepare.

Aaaaand, that's about it.

Enchanting. Simply enchanting.


nancy said...

I love your book of poems!
For some reason, the word pie makes me laugh out loud. I'm LOLing as I type.
Gee, and I thought I was the Best Mom Ever.

Alison said...

It's a tie. The best mom EVER (you)gave birth to another equally best mom ever (me).
Yay for us.