Sunday, May 16, 2010

It's Good To Be Caroline

Sheesh, man. It's good to be Caroline.

An only child + a mom who loves to shop = lotsa loot.

Two bathing suits, swim goggles, sunglasses, t shirt and an unpictured box of sidewalk chalk (52 count).

I think it's safe to assume that she's more than prepared for summer. Never mind the fact that they still have 6 weeks of school left and it's supposed to be chilly and rainy next week.

The whole shopping ordeal started when I noticed that Target's new sales flier was advertising $8 bathing suits. Since Caroline had her old bathing suit on yesterday and it was faded, stretched out, and in dire need of replacement, I knew this Target ad was meant for us.


We visited Target this morning only to find that they hardly had any of the advertised suits in stock. Well, they had the extra small and extra large sizes and plenty of bikinis, but nothing suitable for Caroline. I guess I should have bought one from their copious supply when Target first put them on display back in February; I was too busy shoveling 453 inches of snow to worry about bathing suits. Anyway, I'm not totally opposed to two piece suits, but for Caroline, who is part fish and very active in the pool, the one piece is the way to go. There are far fewer opportunities for embarrassing moments in a one piece. Amen.

We couldn't find a swimsuit, but we did get a new pair of goggles. However, once we got home and Caroline tried them on, we discovered that the variety we purchased was made for those 6-14 year olds with small, narrow faces. Evidently Caroline does not have a small and narrow face because even though we loosened the straps considerably, her face was smushed together. Now, I have to take them back and exchange them for goggles made for girls with big, gigantic faces.

We made a pit stop to Wal Mart and found workable bathing suits and somehow managed to add sunglasses, a tshirt and sidewalk chalk to the mix.

Since I'd rather give birth sans epidural than try on bathing suits, I bought myself some new make up. I'm one year removed from Accutane and while my skin doesn't breakout much at all anymore, I'm now faced with the horror of those tiny little lines developing around my eyes. I hate that I went from acne to wrinkles without any time to enjoy soft, lovely, youthful skin.


I have high hopes that this stuff will give this girl a little help.

Even the back of the package gives me hope. Instantly minimizes, y'all. Instant!
If it's on the package, it must be true, right?

I went one step further.

Age Defying are words that lure me in every time. I'm an advertiser's dream.


Dawn (HealthySDLiving) said...

haha I'm constantly on the lookout for new age defying make-up or cream! Burts Bees makes AMAZING eye cream!!

Alison said...

I love Burts Bees. I'll have to check it out!