Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Running Shorts Success?

After a few attempts to purchase running shorts, and enduring the horror of the TJ Maxx dressing room (twice!), I think I've succeeded. Target to the rescue, once again.

The only thing is that I'm between sizes and the large is TOO large and the medium fits well, but gives me a slight muffin top. I find this muffin top somewhat puzzling because I don't really have the ingredients for a muffin top. I *might* have enough for a mini muffin top, but nothing too severe. Sure, if I wear super tight pants, I'll get one. If you squeeze hard enough, a muffin top is bound to pop up. That's just a matter of physics. Or something like that. Anyway, I'm not saying that my mid section is super tight, because it most certainly is not, but let's just say that I possess more appropriate ingredients for producing gigantic cinnamon buns than I do for a muffin top.

I bought the medium size. Mostly because I'd rather have a slight muffin top than have too large shorts fall down. That would not be pretty at all.

Besides, if you get a cute pink tank top to go with your new shorts, the muffin top will be artfully camouflaged.

Socks won't hide cellulite or muffin tops, but they're necessary. Especially since I only have three good pairs of socks suitable for exercising. Given my general distaste for doing laundry, I figured it was a wise choice to buy more socks. See, I'm saving water by doing less laundry, too. How green of me.

Now all my baby sitting money is gone. GONE. No more shopping for Alison.

Kind of sad, eh?

I actually went to Target for a reason: to exchange Caroline's too tight swim goggles we purchased on Sunday. Guess what? I forgot to bring the goggles. Oopsie!

Oh, and while we're on the subject of Target, remember how on Sunday we went to get $8 bathing suits and they hardly had any in stock? Well, well, well, they have them NOW. Ugh. If it weren't for the fact that I love Target more than most people, I'd really be mad. But, alas, I can't lash out at my favorite store. I just don't have it in me.

I had a multiple destination outing this afternoon. Because I'm fabulously busy, and all.

Caroline's class has been busily working on their stichery projects in Art. She brought home her work of art yesterday.

But, she's not happy with the finished product and wants to add more details. Her art teacher said she could add some clouds and sky and bring it back for extra credit.

But, before Caroline can embellish her project further, she needed supplies.

Michael's to the rescue!

Plastic needles

Sky blue

White clouds

$6.36 for extra credit!

Oh well. I can't fault her for wanting to exceed expectations.

Although, I have a sneaking suspicion that once the stitchery project is done, Caroline will find a way to use the remaining yarn to fashion some sort of tangled web throughout the house. Mark my words. I know her too well. And if you don't believe me, we already have a bunch of curling ribbon tied to the drawers of our sofa table on one end and to a hula hoop on the other end. It's some sort of trap. A trap for what, I'm not sure. But, it's been sitting in our living room for over a week.

See, I told you.

It used to stretch all the way to the bannister in our entry way, but I removed it when I got tired of climbing over the trap and running into the hula hoop.

Wow, this was quite a hodge podge post.

Eh, I can't be brilliant EVERY day, right? ;)


Sissy said...

Yes, I would want that extra credit too, but I'll say that's a pretty good job for second grade!

Alison said...

Thanks, Sissy. Especially coming from a former art teacher. I'll tell her you said so. I'm a big fan of extra credit, too.

nancy said...

$6.36 for extra credit. What a bargain!
I'm plotting a trip to Michael's tomorrow. I'm feelin' the need for bead(s).
Must have well-adorned wrists don'tcha know. With all the people starving in Ethiopia and Haiti and all.

Alison said...

Your world view is nothing short of admirable, mom. ;)
When are you going to Charlotte? Next week?

At least you'll have sparkly wrists for your trip.