Friday, June 24, 2011

Pool Crashers

Guilty as charged.

We're pool crashers.  Twice in one week.  Twice in two days, actually.

Our subdivision has a pool.  It serves its purpose.  It's wet, refreshing, maintained and safe.'s boring.  Just a rectangle, with a 'deep end' which doesn't exceed a depth of  five feet.  Regardless of our pool's size and excitement factor, or lack thereof, we go there frequently.  I mean really?  What else are we going to do?

But see, the next subdivision over has a big pool, with a REAL deep end.  And the lifeguards play music.  The grass is always they say.  Or in this case, the pool is always cooler in the neighboring subdivision. 

Well, lucky for us, we have friends who live in this subdivision and they have guest passes to the pool.  On Wednesday we met our friends, plus another set of friends, plus Caroline's two friends who tagged along and we had ourselves a great time.  Maybe it was just our rowdy bunch, or perhaps the lifeguards were whistle happy that day, or in the mood to enforce the rules, but for whatever reason, our kids sure got the whistle blown on them frequently.

And then my precious child threw a small rock (as a part of a game they were playing) which hit the metal railing by the stairs you use to enter and exit the pool.  The noise that rock made magnified throughout the entire pool area and scared my poor friend who, happened to be sitting next to the railing.

Sheesh almighty!

 Caroline stood there, completely paralyzed by fear.  If you could have only seen the panic stricken look on her face; it was priceless.

No one was hurt, thankfully, but I sure was afraid we were going to be asked to leave....and to never return.

Despite Caroline's act of delinquency, it all ended well, and we were not banned from the pool.  In fact, it went so well that we fully intend on crashing that pool again and again, until our friend's guest pass card is all filled up. 

Yesterday, we kept with the theme and crashed pool number two.  But no rocks were thrown.

This time we visited my friend, Mandy, who just moved into the area.  Her house is very conveniently situated right next to her community's brand new pool.  Talk about prime real estate.

Anyway, Caroline and I spent the afternoon at Mandy's pool.  Caroline swam with Mandy's kids while us moms gossipped under an umbrella and shared the woes of our tragic white girl problem filled lives. 

Fun was had by all!
And today, believe it or not, we're not at the pool.  Caroline is attending a friend's birthday party; it started at 1pm and is a sleepover, so I pretty much get a free day.  And what did I do to celebrate my afternoon of freedom?  Well, I went to Walmart for computer paper and to Safeway for .99/lb grapes and tomtatoes.  And a great deal on Goldfish crackers:  four bags for a total of $1.80!

Living it up!

I actually thought about going out later on, like in the early evening, you know, to spice things up a bit and make use of my free evening, but that seemed too strange.  Only cool people go out on Friday nights.  And I, as you very well know, am not cool.

Not. At. All.

Happy Friday!


Sissy said...

I think you are cool and would do something with you on a Friday night, but I have a date with my husband, because, well, my husband is not out of the country currently.

I totally wish we had any kind of pool. I'd settled for a kiddie pool in the backyard, I think. But here, you have to go to a public pool or buy a pool membership at a private pool. And those are expensive.

Alison said...

Enjoy your date! I was actually thinking that tonight would be a great night to do something fun with one's significant other, but my significant other is unavailable at this time. I'm sure he wouldn't approve of me finding a proxy, either.

We're lucky that our community has a pool; our landlords pay the home owners association fees, which include use of the pool. But there are a ton of neighborhoods around here that don't have pools, so you have to join one and you're right, they're not cheap.

Some of them have waiting lists, too.

I'll take our small but FREE pool anyday. Or someone else's big....and free pool.

Have fun tonight!

Jen Fiamengo said...

Isn't summer made for pool hopping anyway? Keep living on the edge! ;). Hope you ended up doing something fun tonight while you were free from child :)