Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Time To Get Reacquainted With The Post Office

It's time again.

Time to say hello to the friendly postal workers at the post office near my gym.  And yes, they really are friendly.  No really, I promise.  Happy postal workers are hard to come by, but they're generally quite jolly in this particular location.

Time to say hello to sturdy white boxes

and insufferable packing tape.

Time to reacquaint myself with customs forms, which are the most annoying part of the whole process.

Anyone who has sent a care package to a service member overseas will agree.  They give you one little space with four lines to itemize all of the items in the box.  That's not enough room.

Also?  I totally fib.  I never know how much everything costs and I certainly cannot estimate the weight.  Don't rat me out, okay?

Time to gather up the goodies and send them on their merry way, across a big ocean and into the hands of a Crystal Light drinking, peanut butter loving, Lara Bar eating dude.

In case you haven't caught on, Craig has made the long trek to his exotic deployment locale. After months of training and traveling from Texas to Maryland and to Georgia and then back to Texas, he is finally settling in for a year of good times hard work.

The set up is much like last year's deployment.  Same place.  Same building.  Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel.  Only this time Craig doesn't have a roommate, which is pretty sweet.  Heck, I've been without my roommate for months and I kind of like having sole control over the remote.  Now....if only I could get rid of my weekend roommate, aka the bed hogging, clicking noise making, crazy sleeper.  Then I'd really be set.

Okay...I'm off to wrestle with that roll of packing tape.  :)


Sissy said...

Postal workers, how nice! Craig will love it.

Anonymous said...

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